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About MyBatua

Welcome to Our core management team has more than 4 decades of rich experience in the manufacturing of hand-crafted products for the fashion industry. We are pioneer in the manufacturing of hand bags, traditional Muslim clothing like (Sherwani, Hijab, AbayaBurka, Niqab, Jilbab),  costume jewelry and ladies fashion accessories for international markets. 

We have always strived to offer great value to our customers. offers unique hand-crafted fashion products direct to you (consumer) at highly affordable prices. Our handbags, for instance, are appreciated for their unique looks with their attractive designs and brass metal frames. Inspired by vintage & classical works of art, our frames and bags are created in-house. The designs we have used in our brass metal frames have been patented by us which means that your handbag purchases from MyBatua will always retain their exclusivity. It goes without saying that our artistic and elegant framed bags and purses with beautiful craftsmanship and embroidery will surely make any lady smile and stand out in the crowd.

Traditional and eco-friendly hand-crafted Products

We work with a full range of materials such as premium quality leather, brass, crystal, copper, camel bone, Mother of Pearl, wood, glass beads, sequins, cord, silk, velvet and many other eco-friendly materials to craft an impressive array of handbags to suit every possible taste and preference.

Amazing array of handmade Fabric

We use many types of hand made fabric and craftsmanship processes such as sand casting, enameling, etching and hand embroidery to name only a few to bring to you choices that not simply match your traditional look but also accentuate it.

Handbags with a sense of Tradition

In India, a traditional string purse (pouch) is called a `batua'. Ladies have been using it to keep their valuables since ancient times. In a way, our website brings you products of tradition and value which you will surely treasure and hopefully pass along to the generations to come.

Handbags and Fashions with a personal Artistic Touch

At MyBatua, we work closely with artisans and craftsmen to ensure high quality products. Just about all our products feature more than 50% (100% in some cases) of hand-crafted effort such as hand-woven textiles, hand-block printing and hand-embroidery.

So why not browse our website and see for yourself the exquisite level of craftsmanship and value we offer. Prompt and courteous service with a smile-- that’s MyBatua for you!


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