5 Must Have Islamic Tunics for every occasion

Women’s dress varieties have one thing in common. They need to magnify the beauty of the wearer, without question. While the fashion world is galloping on neck-break speeds, in designing a plethora of dress models for women of all age groups, there are some that never change. The Muslim Dress designers are always cautious to limit their creation within the allowed boundaries. The Islamic tunic is one shining example.

Yet their creative mind improvises newer and newer models in tunics, as you can witness in exclusive online shops selling Muslim women dresses of kinds.

The normal dress code for modern women:

As of today, the women’s world has extended its boundaries vastly, compared to the last century. Women compete with men in all fields of physical as well as mental working places. Be it driving a taxi or operating a train or flying an airplane, modern women don’t flinch.

So in this changed scenario, women are to take part in a social gathering of assorted nature. Yet the underlying fact of femininity urges them to look “eye-pleasing” if not gorgeous. Usually, when women attend parties and functions, they want to glitter and stand out in the crowd. The dress they most positively select is “flashy” and eye-catching.

Likewise, the womenfolk intuitively select the dress-code most-suitable for the outing they have undertaken.

Specialty of Tunics:

Tunics are outerwear dresses worn over pants, leggings and other bottom-wear of women. The Muslim women folk follow stern religious rules that they should dress in a way that none of the body parts are exposed and attract men’s attention. On that context, all the Muslim Women’s dresses are designed to cover most of the top portions of the ladies.

The tunics are mostly lengthy and only certain tunics are designed in a shorter length, but that too to cover up to the knee.

Filling the wardrobe with 5 must-have Islamic tunics:

While selecting tunics, you must bear in mind your body-structure. Slim-fit trousers and loose tunic will balance any short-coming. For larger-busts select v-neck or scoop neck and petite girls select round-neck. Tunics with curved hems will be great for everyone. So go in for selecting 5 different types of Islamic tunic models for use on different occasions.

Keep the following stylish tunics as ideas for you:

Muslim Women Green Tunic


Traditional Jersey Tunic


Duel Color Jersey Tunic


Knit Blouse Long Tunic


Soft Hemp Loose Poncho Tunic


You can get loads of Islamic tunic designs if you go online!


Infographic: Different Styles Of Tunics


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