5 ways to make this Ramadan your best!

The holy month of Ramadan is a time of deep reflection. Muslims worldwide pray well into the night. Gratitude and generosity are the description of those who truly believe in God. In Qur’an, gratitude often appears as the theme. During this month, we experience blessings through deprivation as nothing reminds us of how lucky and blessed we are until we experience loss.

For Example: Nothing tastes better than a grain of food after fasting for 16 hours.
During this month we all get a fair chance to get back on track and to focus on goodness around us.


Some of the ways we can make this Ramadan the best we have ever had are given below:


1.    Cold Beverage to the needy: By distributing cold sharbat or a carton of juice to the people on the road could help someone suffering from dehydration during these hot summer days.

2.    Food to the poor: Giving food to people on the streets could be a small deed for one, but getting a full meal each day is a big deal for many. When you eat after sunset and have food left, do not throw it away. Give the extra food to the poor.

3.    Old Clothes: Everyone has clothes they don’t wear anymore. By giving some things that are not useful to us to the needy would make you and the other person feel good.

4.    Teach Someone: There are a lot of people around who would want to learn a skill from us. Whether it is learning a dish, the alphabets, reading, writing, knitting, etc. Help someone learn a skill this Ramadan.

5.    Make someone Smile: There are many ways to make someone smile. Tell a joke, do something nice, give a compliment, help with a chore, etc. Find someone and figure a way to make him or her smile. This would give you great happiness as well.

Ramadan Mubarak!

Rizwana Anjum

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