How the Fashion Industry Is Finally Paying Heed to Muslim Consumers

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Fashion is not at all about exposing and flaunting in revealing attire. And, the world understands this better now. Therefore, renowned designers and fashion brands are now trying to focus on the segment which had been overlooked in the past. Amazing options are available in the market that offers the Muslimahs an array of variations to choose from. These days, the Muslims have also taken steps to their fascination for trendy costumes and bright fabrics.


Earlier, Muslims did hardly pay any heed to the fashion industry. All that was required was a black coloured robe that covered them. Even men and children fashion was very raw. Concern for fashion was negligible. The utmost priority of the Hijabis was to not take any chance on traditional values. These days, fashion has penetrated almost into everyone’s life. Even the Muslim population is aware of the trends and fashion inclinations today.


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To grab this opportunity the renowned fashion clothing brands such as Chanel, Anna Hariri, Dolce & Gabbana, Donna Karan and many more have come up with latest collections and offerings for Muslim Clothing that tend to blend the aesthetic designs with cultural values. They experiment with the colours and fabrics to create exceptionally gorgeous attires that are not only attractive the Muslimahs but also all the fashion lovers.


Though few advances into the fashion world are still neither welcomed nor appreciated by many Muslims, yet fewer brands that keep in mind the values and ethics while launching a new design in the market are largely applauded. Attires and costumes that are made in accordance with the commandments mentioned in the Quran and Hadiths are more loved by all.


Other than just the design, few more elements that are considered while deciding the Islamic dressing code are sustainability and manufacturing process of the fabric. Care is taken to ensure that the manufacturing of fabric does not exploit any living creatures on the earth.


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On the other hand, the significance of sustainable fashion clothing basically applies to fabric or clothing that is created using green resources. Such process of manufacturing utilize recycled stuffs and organic cotton. There has been a trend for sustainable materials these days and people are widely welcoming it too. And, the quality of recycled materials fabric compared to synthetic fabrics can hardly be distinguished.


Moreover, the initiative to make this earth green is already seeing reimbursements. There has been a notable decrease in usage of harmful chemicals that are required to grow non-organic fibers. Also, much less clothing factory waste is going to landfills. This is why sustainable clothing materials are in demand amongst the aware sections of people.


No matter what fashion trends are, Islamic clothing has its own beauty and charm. And, the fashion industry is finally paying heed to the untapped Muslim population. And, this market has great scope in the current times.




Rizwana Anjum

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