Islamic (Muslim) Women Clothing

Islamic (Muslim) Women Clothing

Islam is the largest religion in the world with approximately more than one billion followers. The clothing worn by Muslims is of many different styles, colors and size, and varies according to Muslim culture, ethnicity and personal preferences. Both men and women are expected to dress modestly and simply.

Abaya & Hijab 

Types of Islamic Clothing for Women


Abaya – Loose fitting garment worn by Muslim women cover the whole body except hand, face and feet, preferred by modern Islamic women. Burqa - The burka is a single piece of long, draping garment meant to cover the female body completely from head to toe, preferred by traditional Muslim women. Hijab - Muslim women & girls cover their head with a head-scarf or hijab (sign of reverence, modesty and submission), on a daily basis.


Modern Muslim Women Fashion & Islamic tradition

Islamic tradition encourages women & men to be modest in their dress and cover the body except for the hands and face. Sometimes it is difficult for religious Muslim women to find fashionable modest clothing in the United States, Australia, Canada and Europe, while some Islamic clothing stores have opened in larger cities and most Muslim girls do not have access to alternative stores.


Where to Buy Online Islamic Clothing?

With the advent of the Internet and online shopping, it is easy for Muslim women living around the world to purchase Islamic clothing online that is right for their lifestyle and sense of style., a leading international online store and boutique for Islamic fashions and fashion accessories including hijabs, abayas, jilbabs, burqa, niqabs, purses and handbags that combine fashion with creativity and tradition offers all as a one stop shop.

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