MyBatua Islamic Prayer Clothing That Will Liven Up Your Prayer Times

Prayer is the connection of man with Allah and brings about purity of the soul, cleanliness of the heart. With prayer, one can feel the spirit of holiness. It also trains a man and makes him cautious of sin and disobedience. Along with all the factors mentioned, another most important thing to take care of is the clothing and prayer accessories to make sure you are going the right way.

While looking for a one stop shop for all your favourite prayer Islamic clothing and accessories, look no more and trust the best shopping website for modest Islamic clothing shopping – One should be careful while shopping Islamic wear, especially Islamic prayer clothing and accessories as it brings a lot of positive effect on your religious wear and accessories. With an effective shopping portal like, you can find your desired clothing within a few clicks, and find your preferred items from a variety of products on offer.

It is suggested that while browsing for prayer Islamic clothing, one can also go for a beneficial and popular prayer package like the Dua Prayer Set (Hijab + Full Sleeve Dress), the Soft Viscose Jersey. Ladies can choose among a variety of prayer clothing like the Samaira Prayer Abaya, Zuhera Prayer Abaya, Aabidah Prayer Hijab, Faria Abaya, Azzeza White Abaya, Zeenat Abaya. And for the gentlemen, prayer clothing includes the items like Arif Embroidered Kurta Pajama, Aarish White Galabiyya, and Anis White Galabiyya.

Islamic Prayer Clothing

The most recent additions to the range of existing accessories available at the online shopping portal are Islamic prayer rugs. These prayer rugs are beautifully handmade and these products also undergo the best finishing techniques to give them a smooth finish. Rugs are made restful with the use of velvety fabrics which not only give an elegant look but are also relaxing to use. The designs woven into these prayer rugs are exceptional and matchless in their composition and colors used. To make these items user-friendly, these rugs can be dry cleaned as well as washed manually, without affecting the material adversely.

Islamic prayer rugs with ornately weaved designs have already become a rage. offers splendid discounts on these prayer rugs this festive season for one and all. With an interactive website, order these magnificent and remarkable prayer rugs to liven up your prayer times from home. Prayer rugs also serves as the perfect gift item, and you can order these to be shipped to your beloved. Visit us online for exclusive prayer rugs and exciting offers and discounts today.

To unify the elegance of dress with modesty, many decent Islamic women clothing and Islamic men clothing is available to make your prayer time and social occasions. So, now you can be tension-free and buy your favourite traditional Islamic Clothing like Abaya, Jilbab, and Hijabs.

One of the best features offered by includes flexible measurement options like the Abayas can be fitted to your specified measurements with the customized fitting facility we provide. Size will never be a problem while selecting an outfit, as at, they stock all standard sizes. Other than prayer clothing, one can also check out other items like the printed abayas that are either wholly machine made or hand printed. also provides block printed abayas, abayas with frills and laces, delicately bordered and patterned abayas and supporting matching accessories. The cut and flow of each abaya is unique and is set to fall gracefully over the figure.

Islamic dress wear works to one’s advantage by shadowing the ungainly attributes of an overweight figure by falling over the body in smooth contours. Different fabrics play an important role in deciding how you look in a certain dress. There are popular accessories to go with the purchased dresses which make the combination worthwhile.

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