Abaya Fashion: Rules to Follow for Muslim Women

Honestly speaking, women clothing in Islam have a greater touch of modesty and gracefulness instead of just style and fashion. Islamic women and modern Muslimahs have, however, quench their thirst for trendy and stylish clothing by blending modesty with style. This is where stylish and trendy Abayas come into existence.


It is true that Islamic clothing is more about covering one’s self and protecting the Haya in the best way. But, women have an inborn trait of aspiring to look beautiful. This urge makes them a bit curious to experiment and try different possibilities they can make out of their Abaya and Hijab. Well, there is nothing wrong in doing so until it does not reveal your body.



Let’s make it clear. Islam does not ban women from being stylish. In fact, it says them to dress good and look beautiful. But, there are boundaries and certain rules to it. Any revealing clothing is not considered as fashion in Islam. And, Muslim women understand it well. It has been made clear to them that fashion is not all about wearing short skirts or walking out in revealing attires.


Being stylish and fashionable within the limits of Islamic values is no less beautiful. An Abaya can also be worn like any stylish gown out there. As long as it covers the Haya of a Muslim woman, it is permitted. By following certain rules, any Muslimah out there can look stylish and trendy as well. Wouldn’t you like to know the rules of fashion clothing for Muslim women?


Everyone must be excited to read about the fashion trends they can follow. What is halal (allowed) and haram (forbidden) in Islam?


  • Any cloth that shows off your body parts is forbidden in Islam.
  • Any clothing that drapes you from top to bottom in a graceful way is allowed.
  • A dress that is too shiny and attracts men to glance at you is forbidden as it is considered as an invitation to wrong deeds.
  • Modest colors, sober designs, and top to toe lengths are some of the specifications you can give a try.
  • Any dress that is tempting others towards you is forbidden. You may best avoid them.
  • Any wear that shows off your status or riches is forbidden in Islam. For instance, expensive silk with ornamental embellishments is usually avoided outside the boundary of your home as this can make other feel less fortunate.


Fashion trends in Abaya world keep evolving with age and time. A lot is experimented with the fabrics and shades of an Abaya. The cuts and patterns do define a lot about fashion. You may check out MyBatua.com’s Abaya collection to see the most desirable modest clothing line for modest Muslim women.



Rizwana Anjum

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