Abaya Hijab and other Fashions from Brand India

Abaya Hijab and other Fashions from Brand India


For women around the world, fashion is a statement of their identity. Fashion trends are predicted, critiqued and emulated with a fan following that even borders ardent devotion. Fashion waves come and go, reappear and super-impose themselves like the constantly changing images on a picturesque landscape. Muslim fashions, however, have a unique aura about them in that although the designs, colors and patterns experience a makeover depending on what is trendy during the fashion season, the core garments such as the hijab, abaya or the jilbab continue to remain in vogue like they have for thousands of years. As you can tell, the term has a rather subjective connotation in the broader context of Muslim fashions. So let us see how fashion trends impact Muslim attire such as abaya fashions and what India has to offer in this regard.

Muslim Fashions for Muslim Women in India

To suggest that India is indeed a country with prominent Muslim population, contrary to what people believe, isn’t really far from the truth. According to 2011 statistics, 14.4% of India’s population is Muslim and 10.9% of the world’s Muslim population happily resides in India and enjoys 100% mainstream access to India’s democratic framework. India has had two Muslim Presidents, several chief ministers and hundreds of members of the Indian Parliament have belonged to the Muslim community over the years. It is therefore natural that discussions about Muslim clothing for women, Muslim fashion trends, what is hot and what is not, are all topics that India’s mainstream fashion press loves to spotlight. The Muslim presence also explains why abaya fashions, hijab fashions and many other forms of Islamic fashions from India are so authentic, qualitatively superior and extremely affordable. Check our website out and you will know exactly what we mean!

What makes Muslim clothing from India the perfect choice for many?

India has a proven track record of manufacturing and exporting virtually all the luxury fashion brands in strict accordance with international quality standards. The colors are vibrant, the embroidery is exquisite and the patterns are awesome. Tons of personalization and customization featuring impressive craftsmanship takes place especially when it comes to abaya fashions, hijab fashions, jilbab fashions and the dominance of cookie-cutter designs is minimal. The convenient availability of Indian fashions on the Internet through e-commerce portals like ours combined with social media exposure has made India a trend setter and a leader in fashions including Muslim fashions.

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