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 Islam has been one of the most influential religion. It's believers are spread all over the world. Islamic clothing also follows the patterns according to the regional cultures and traditions. Women wear traditional Islamic clothing while some women prefer modern Islamic dresses too.  In addition to a wide selection of women's clothing “MyBatua” online store offers stylish, trendy, elegant, handmade embroidered Abaya, Jilbab, Hijab for Islamic women who love modern Islamic fashion clothing.

In brief, Abaya an Islamic dress is worn by all age groups of women, covers the whole body except the face, feet, and hands while Burqa is a loose outer garment and worn by tradition women. We are offering  latest Islamic fashion abayas, embroidered and designer abayas for all occasion and seasons with variety of fabrics like polyester, denim, cotton, rayon etc.. Also in colors black, blue, white and much more. View the photos and pictures on our website to see the quality, design and colors for latest abayas' in fashion.

Black is traditional color for abayas while Blue, brown, green, pink, grey, sky-blue, maroon, white, purple and even two-mixed color combinations are rapidly exploring the way the colors of abayas are perceived. Modern-day abayas made of light and flowing materials such as georgette, crepe, chiffon are now being accepted every where.

MyBatua.com is an established online store catering to modern Islamic women's clothing needs with wide range of styles and designs. It has more than 25 years of experience in manufacturing handmade, embroidered clothing and accessories for fashion Industry.

Rizwana Anjum

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