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Burqa and its Deep-rooted Traditions

When French President Nicolas Sarkozy plunged his nation into a quagmire of religious controversy by proposing to ban the burqa, little did he know that his country’s socialist mandate to uphold women’s rights at all costs would cost him his reputation within the Muslim world. There are many regions in the world such as Malaysia, Indonesia and India where no woman, Muslim or otherwise, is statutorily obligated to wear a burqa or a veil of any type whatsoever. Yet millions of women of all ages, from teenagers to spunky grandmoms, wear burqas with pride and participate actively in every sphere of society.

To assume that the burqa is purely a symbol of male subjugation is tantamount to missing the point as we will soon find out. Perhaps it is time to take a new look at burqas and their historical significance within the larger context of Muslim clothing and Muslim fashions as they continue to evolve in the 21st century.

From tribal Fashions to Muslim fashions

Historians have traced the burqa not to the Holy Book but to a condition that the burqa specifically addressed. Hundreds of years ago, tribal and nomadic women living as members of desert tribes, wore the burqa much as a sand mask to protect themselves from wild and often lethal sandstorms which raged in these regions all the time. Burqas were also worn to confuse and mislead invading tribes to ensure that women, especially young women, were not abducted by the invaders to toil as slaves.

Asserting a Muslim Identity through Islamic clothing

Although Muslim fashion trends have undergone a sea change with respect to colors, fabric choices, textures and designs only to name a few, the essence of the Islamic burqa continues to remain the same. It is still an external outfit worn over regular attire and tends to cover the body from the head to toe. Only the eyes remain exposed. Black is the preferred color but the choice of fabric could include either pure cottons or blended fabrics. Since burqas are loose-fitting in nature, they are easily interchangeable within the same family and help women to bond together.

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