Diy Hijab Styles With Brooches and Bands

There are many ladies out there, especially the teens that come up with curiosity to learn Do It Yourself Hijab Styles with brooches and bands. So, finally I decided to write this up for all you sweet ladies. Have a look!

Brooch at the Collar

Using a shiny diamond brooch on the collar looks amazing when you wear a polo neck dress underneath and add up to your formal and professional look. Use a less frilled Hijab so that it is comfortable to wear the brooch along with it.


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Brooch on the Side Above Forehead

This is the most preferred look for those who use brooches often. Try to use an under cap to hold the Hijab fixed at its place and let free the ends of the scarf over the shoulders. After fixing the Hijab properly, fix the brooch at slightly at an angle on the side of forehead. It just looks excellent.

Brooch with Dangling Ends

This is a loose and comfortable style that looks attractive with a brooch placed on it. Instead of pinning it the Hijab under the chin, use a stylish brooch to fix the scarf somewhere near the ear area. This pattern with the two dangling ends looks just great when done with extra-long scarves.

Pin Less Style Hijab

This is one of the super quick and simplest pattern to wear a Hijab. It takes no complicated turns and folds. It is very loose and easy to carry and requires

no pins to fix. You may just put up a stylish brooch of your choice to add glam to your Hijab. This pattern is comfortable usually in hot weather.

Headband Layered Style

This style emphasizes on the use of headbands with the scarf, but you can easily craft this with a brooch instead of a headband. Try this style with thin, chiffon scarf to get the desired layers around the chest area that look elegant. Finally, fix the brooch near the back side of the head and leave a long draping on the sides.

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New tutorials and style tips are on their way. Wait to check them out. Meanwhile, you can hunt for brooches and Hijab scarves from our newest collection of Hijabs

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