Essential Clothing Items for Muslim Womans Wardrobe

What Are The Essential Clothing Items That Must be Present in a Muslim Woman’s Wardrobe?

How are you, ladies? Hope you all are in great spirits bouncing with Islamic virtues and values. Well, this post is for those who are usually confused with what to wear and what not to. Staying within the limits of traditional ethics and still being trendy and stylish is the most beautiful experience one can have.


Though the common belief about the clothing of Muslim women is very blunt but very few people know the extent to which a Muslimah can be fashionable that too remaining within the boundaries of the religion. A Muslimah’s first rule for choosing an attire is protecting here ‘haya- the most alluring aspect of a woman.’ However, there’s a lot of scope for stylish clothing for Muslim women.


Different Islamic dresses you can try:

To know what are the ‘must-haves’ in a Muslim woman’s wardrobe, scroll down till the end of this article. Here are some of the most looked up to clothing for Muslim women:


  • Abaya: This is one of the most essential and common attire that must be there in a Muslima’s wardrobe. Whenever she steps out, she must drape herself in clothing that protects her beauty and haya. Abayas come in countless patterns and styles. You can buy Abayas online easily and enjoy the beauty of Islamic values in these stylish dresses.


  • Scarves and Hijabs: Covering the head is most important virtue of a Muslim woman. So, scarves and Hijabs are the second most important clothing stuff you can see in the wardrobe of a believing woman. And, surely one can have as many colourful and designer Hijabs as she needs. It adds to the beauty of a Muslimah.


  • Kaftans and Jilbabs: Dresses like Kaftans and Jilbabs are an ‘all-time favourites’ for a Muslim women. Kaftans are the trendiest modest clothing. Whether it’s a party event or any casual day, these attires make them look gorgeous and trendy too.


  • Long skirts with tops: If you confused wearing a skirt is allowed or not, then clear up your doubt. You can wear anything until it is not revealing or tempting others with any wrong message. Long skirts are always beautiful wears that can be owned in your wardrobe too. Try out the latest designer skirts and tops or skirt pattern Abayas to add glam to your attire.


  • Gowns: Aren’t gowns everyone’s favourite dresses? Especially if it’s a party occasion or a wedding event, wearing beautiful designer gowns looks wonderful. These dresses serve both the purposes – Style and Religion.


No matter what you choose to wear, the most important thing is you need to consider is comfort. You can browse through countless designs of Islamic clothing at Mybatua and buy whatever you love.

Rizwana Anjum

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