Guide to the latest Islamic clothing for Women!

Islam is not just a religion, it is a way of life. And, Allah, the Almighty lord, has enlightened us about each and every aspect of life. Clothing for women from Islamic perspective may sound something within the precincts and limits of the Islamic ethics. Muslim women are brought up in such a way that they understand their appearance constitutes an essential part of their aura. This is the prime reason that they go for clothing that are beautiful and modest and protect their Haya!

Allah, the Almighty lord, has allowed his people to put on nice clothes and possess good appearance. Certainly, Islam does not restrict Muslims to wear any specific type of clothing. It allows people to wear every clothing lawful that is pure and covers them fully without any ambiguity and serves the required purposes without surpassing the bounds set by Islam in this respect.

The Prophet wore the clothes that were prevalent in his time and he never ordered people to wear anything of a particular type. Though there were some specifications like the transparency, the fit, the length of the garments. So, ladies worry not! You have all those designer wears and trendy outfits waiting for you right here at Grab your favs!


Abaya: There are a diverse range of Abayas made with different types of fabric from jersey to georgette. It covers you from top to bottom without revealing part. Look for the latest designs under the Abaya section.


Kaftans: More of an Arabic robe type of outfit but loved and in demand by people from all over the world. These are really comfortable gowns and can be worn for any occasion. Kaftans are available in huge patterns- plain, embroidered, silken, designer, simple and much more.




Wedding or party gowns: Gowns are always the favourite ones of modest Muslim women. Be it a party gown or a wedding gown, we have it all. Check out our latest collection.

 wedding gowns

Long Skirts: Long skirts are usually chosen by formal ladies who are mostly at work or outdoors. These are easy to manage and give trendy look as well. You can wear it with any shirt or top and put on a blazer over it to flaunt.



Tunics: Tunics are mostly in demand among the teens. The most easy and comfortable outfits for girls at school and colleges. If you are looking for tunics, check out our collection.


There are a lot more!

Rizwana Anjum

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