Handbags for the Modern Muslim Woman

In a culture where modesty is the order of the day and a conservative attire is the rule and not the exception, many women belonging to the Islamic faith have taken to fashion accessories as their preferred mode and means of making a statement. Although traditional outfits worn by Muslim women have experienced a redefinition of sorts, accessorizing with handbags, purses, clutches, jewelry and footwear have become trendy and popular even in many Islamic countries. This is perfectly natural and acceptable. After all, times are changing and as a member of the community, you have many more choices today than your aunts and grandmothers did, not too long ago. Let us briefly look at the vast variety of choices and options you have when it is time to blend convenience with fashion with a one-of-a-kind hand bag.

Ladies Bags and Fashion Trends

Handbags, also known as ladies bags, are not just meant to fulfill the purpose of serving as a contraption to carry things around, they actually make you look nicer. You can stay within your budget and still purchase an elegant and trendy handbag, purse or a clutch that perfectly matches your abaya, hijab or other traditional outfit which you like to wear. Your handbag needs to be eye-catching, durable, spacious and affordable and you should be able to derive the maximum amount of satisfaction with your purchase.

The MyBatua Handbag Collection

At MyBatua.com, we have factored all these considerations and many more to bring you an incredible assortment of evening & party handbags, purses and clutches, handbags for daily use, and even bags with a vintage look. Our range is exceptional and our prices are reasonable because we manufacture all our leather handbags ourselves and pass along the savings to you. We work with a wide variety of materials such as premium quality leather, brass, crystal, copper, camel bone, Mother of Pearl, wood, glass beads, sequins, cord,  silk, velvet and many other eco-friendly materials to craft a dazzling variety of handbags to suit every taste and preference. We use many types of hand made fabric and craftsmanship processes such as sand casting, enameling, etching and hand embroidery to name only a few to bring to you choices that not simply match your traditional look but also accentuate it. So give us a try and let us know what you think through a quick blog comment or two.

Rizwana Anjum

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