How to wear a statement necklace with a hijab

Ever wanted to wear a bold statement necklace but didn’t know how to with a hijab? No worries, I was in the same position not too long ago. A beautiful statement necklace can always add just the right amount of substance to an outfit, but if you can’t see it what’s the point of wearing it right? Over the years I’ve conquered the ultimate solution to wearing a statement necklace with a hijab, which I will now let you in on as well! There are two different ways I found easy to wear while still remaining covered and modest.



As you can see from the pictures the first way I wear it is by wrapping my hijab so there are two long sides that cover my chest but still some space in the center where you can see the statement necklace. This kind of style only works if your outfit is plain. I don’t recommend wearing this style with a fancier outfit because the hijab style will most likely cover your embellishments.


The second way I wear it is by wrapping my hijab around my neck, including my chest, and placing the necklace directly on to my hijab. If you’d like your chest to be fully covered, this is the style I recommend going with!

Rizwana Anjum

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