Islamic Clothing for Men

Yes, you read the topic right. It is about Islamic Clothing for Men.

You must be wondering that when it comes to “pardah” and dress codes, it is about women only. But! Islam is a religion where there is a code for everything. Clothes for men also have some rules and ethics that are to be followed.

The point is agreeable that women have more assets to hide and men have lesser, yet there is dress code for both. Just the way men should not dress like women similarly women should not dress like men too.

Dress for men

When it comes to men, rules and regulations in terms of clothing are lesser, compared to women. You might be pondering that it is bad, well, the reason is mentioned right above. Women are blessed with goodies more! 

Several parts of woman’s body attract men. Would a woman think the same for a man? The answer by majority will be NO.



sherwani for muslim men



The basic covering needed for a man is of his ‘satr’/ ‘Awrah’. This area begins at navel and ends at knees. But this definitely does not give license to men to move around bare chest. A man is also required to cover his shoulders and torso. The fabric should not be silk and men should definitely not wear gold.

Clothing Options for Men!

The fact that men are very selective about their dressing thing makes me include this part. These are the various options that men have if they want to dress up in perfect Islamic Attire. Check these out!

  • Thobe: Thobes are almost like abayas but stitched in straight pattern. Primarily it is of white color but in winters men have color variety to look for. Check out for latest Thobes at MyBatua wardrobes.
  • Galabiyas or jilabiyah: It is a variety of ethnic garments for Sudanese and Egyptian Valley. Catering the most stylish Galabiyas around the world, MyBatua’s selected line of masterpieces for is characterized by timeless designs and cuts and fabrics that perfectly complement a man’s natural way and appeal.


Galabiyya Sale



  • Bisht: It is a cloak. It is worn over thobe. This is worn mostly by men belonging to elite category. Religious leaders wear it the most. People can be seen wearing it on special occasions too.
  • Kurta Pajama or Shalwar kameez: Shalwar is a loose bottom and qameez is tunic shaped. Both men and women, mostly men and women belonging to India, Pakistan and Bangladesh are seen wearing Kurta Pajama
  • Sherwani: Sherwani is an attire that brings out your traditional side with flair and class. Our collection of Sherwanis has evolved with changing fashion trends. We also offer groom’s wedding sherwanis that are designed to complement different personalities.
  • Head gear: For women it is called hijab. For men it is called by different names worn in different patterns such as Turban, Kufi, ghutra and egal.

Muslim men and women dress in two ways. One is while they stay inside their house and the other is when they go out. The dress in which they go out, is the dress they should be in, while offering salah or praying. 

Rizwana Anjum

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