Islamic Fashion Clothing: What does it mean for the modest muslim women

What is Islamic clothing fashion?? Well, many of us today, have a wrong interpretation that Islam does not allow fashion, which is definitely not true. In order to understand it better, first we need to understand what fashion is? Fashion today, needless to say, is to wear branded and expensive clothes which are, at the same time, stylish and trendy.

In fact, the word ‘Fashion’, in Oxford Dictionary, means ‘manner or way of doing something’. So, fashion in real sense, doesn't mean to copy others and run after trendy, expensive and attractive clothes. Rather, it is a style or appearance of an individual, reflecting his or her style, personality and character.

Islam, being a perfect way of life, never prohibits you to wear good and beautiful dresses that suit you the most, as long as you fulfill the Islamic dress code, covering your body decently. Instead, it is encouraged for a Muslim to look presentable and nice.


Islamic Women Clothing

Islam instructs women to cover their heads and bodies. Clothes used for covering heads, like scarves, Dupatta etc are called as Hijabs. In today's era, different ways of carrying hijabs are available which not only make you look modest and elegant, but also make you feel comfortable at the same time. Hijabs are available in different fabrics and in different decent and beautiful colors. You can get a huge variety of Hijabs in our Islamic clothing online collection at

 abaya fashion clothing

The special ladies wear who cover their entire body with a cladding called as Abayas and Gowns are also characteristic of Islamic clothing. In ancient days women in Islam used to wear only black Abayas. Today numerous decent colors are available. Most opted colors for Abayas are black, silver and several other sober, light and beautiful colors.

We have simple and elegant Abayas and gowns for daily wear and beautiful handworked and embroided Abayas and gowns with bead and sequins for special occasions. Use of big buttons is greatly admired by stylish ladies these days.

Another widely used Muslim women clothing today is Jilbab, a long and loose-fit coat or garment that covers that entire body except the face, hands and neck. Head can be covered with the use of scarf or any other Hijab.

Abayas and gowns are available in a wide variety of fabrics, patterns, pleats, and sleeves as well. For instance, warm and thick fabricated Abayas are opted in winter preventing the necessity of jackets, sweaters or any other warm clothing. On the other hand, thin and viscose Abayas are opted in summer season. For the most gorgeous collection of Abayas online, visit


Clothing for Muslim Kids:

Today, fashionable and trendy clothes are not only available for men and women, but also easily available for the kids. We, at, have a wide array of modest Islamic dresses for kids these days. Be it a thobe for boys or abayas or cute and frilly hijabs for little and big girls, you need not go searching very far off places.

 kids abaya

Kurta paijamas, jubba, sherwani and lots more for boys, are available in different colours, comfortable fabrics and attractive and impressive designs.

For girls you can find a variety of hijab, scarves, jilbab, long skirts, abayas, maxi dresses and lots more that make your kid look like a doll at the same time being modest and comfortable as well.

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