Modern Kaftan Dresses Fashion and Styles for Islamic Women

Kaftan is one of those rare dresses, which can make you look modest while maintaining your style quotient. Though it started as a fashion attire for modest Muslim women only, but now almost everyone loves to wear it.


While buying a Kaftan for yourself, remember that Kaftan is ideally a loose garment made of light fabric. So, carefully pick the fabric and design so that you get a comfortable deal. There are amazing designs and patterns available at Check them out!


The trend


The latest trends in Kaftan dresses vary in a wide range. Designers have introduced various patterns to make kaftans look prettier and give you more coziness and relaxation. Few of the latest trends include:


  • Various lengths–A variety of Kaftans are now made of differing lengths like knee-length and toe-length. These come bright colors, light fabric and cover your body with cozy touch. The toe-length ones are very much preferred by modest Muslim women as it gives them proper covering, while the short length ones are also appreciated by many people around the globe as they can flaunt with style and grace. These can be combined with a loose bottom (skirt or a pair of trousers). You can wear a Kaftan for any occasion.

 Green color Kaftan-Georgette

  • Designer pieces – Kaftans are designed with lavish embroidery and exotic embellishments on them. These are not only home wears anymore but can also be preferred for poolside parties or cocktails. The designer pieces look unique and elegant too.

 mybatua Kaftan

  • Footwear and accessories – Kaftan falls well at your ankle, but does not make you trip. You may club it with your favorite comfortable heels to enhance your torso and gait. You may better your look with complimenting necklaces and wrist wear like bracelet or watches.


  • Fabric – Traditionally, Kaftans were made of silk and brocades (zarbaft). But the contemporary these days also use crepe, georgette, chiffon, polyester and real light cotton (malmal).

 Mybatua Kaftan for Women

The variety

While different fabrics are used to make kaftans, prints are all time favorite for kaftans. A new blend of print with solid colors, have just come in vogue. Necklines and sleeves, work on both and many other such permutation and combinations are applied to make kaftans.

 Islamic Women Kaftan


Be it leggings, jeans, skirts, plazzos, pants or any other bottom, it looks just awesome if clubbed right. Just make sure, you wear kaftan and not kaftan wears you. Though printed ones look awesome, but the plains patterns have their own valor to express.

Options and styles are endless. Short sleeves, shorter length, variety of fabric, multiple occasions and numerous more options exist, when you think of wearing Kaftan. All you need to do is, see what keeps you comfortable. If the designs and embellishments are omitted, you can buy these as casual wears for bedrooms from online Islamic clothing stores.





Rizwana Anjum

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