Latest Trends in 2017 for Abaya Fashion

The Abaya is not mere a fashion statement. It speaks a lot about the woman who is wearing it. The values she holds, the ethics and the modesty she has in her real within can all be understood in a single glance. Islamic women need Abaya for every season and every occasion. This is why the trendy chicks are so selective while buying an Abaya for themselves. They are always on the hunt to find what’s new and what’s latest in each season.

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The latest trends in Abaya fashion include a lot of variations and modulations these days. In current times, a contemporary touch to Abayas is often looked for by shoppers. A variety of fabrics, patterns, pleats, colors, sleeves and styles are available in the market. And, ladies out there have turned out to be so curative about Abayas that they are preferring to opt for online shopping. This is because the traditional way of shopping has limited scope nowadays. Online shopping for Abaya offers vast options of browsing through the whole catalogue designs, viewing the customer reviews, see the ratings and compare prices, all at the tip of finger.

                                         buying abaya online’s designer team is aware of what the Islamic women are looking for which buying Abayas online. Hence, we feature the best and latest Abaya trends for you to browse through and add to your overlay wardrobe. This time the latest fashion trend is having sleek looking Abayas, the ones that are light weight and easy to carry. Though, Abayas with more flare has always been in fashion, yet for more casual needs ladies are looking out for sleek Abayas. Islamic Women always have a taste for a wide range of collections of Abaya and hijab that are trendy, elegant, stylish and uncommon.


So, if you are looking for an Abaya for daily casual wearing or one for special events, is the right choice for you. You will surely get something that will match your needs and make you look exclusive and beautiful. Many ladies are also hunting to shop for some latest trendy and funky hijabs and Abayas that have not been seen before. Yes! Black has always remained the standard color when we talk about Abayas, but women are also curious to gain some flamboyance around with some soft and delicate hues that will add to their personality.

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It is worth mentioning the taste for motifs and embroideries as well. Especially the teens and young college going crowd always have an affinity towards elegant handwork and embroideries, bead and sequins works and satin patches and ribbon works. These are the latest trends we have studied through reviews and customer feedbacks. And, MyBatua has a wide collection of all these varieties. Just browse through out gallery and pick the best ones before they run out of stock.

Rizwana Anjum

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