MyBatua offers Modest Muslim Clothing with Vision and Style

With the ever-changing trends in the fashion industry, traditional Islamic clothing has come a long way in stamping its presence all over the world. It did not seem to progress at one point with regards to its evolution and development, but with growing demands for variety, we have managed to put together a collection that oozes class, to the least.When we talk about fashion, generally, exposure of skin is considered fashionable in many parts of the world. But what we often forget is that we’re still essentially talking about clothes. Western influence has taken its toll on the industry but brands like us have recognized the need to be aware of Islamic consciousness with regard to fashion, keeping the products affordable. We aim to deliver quality Muslim clothing online with simple and subtle designs. is committed in bringing you a range of modest Islamic clothing and merchandise that is sure to surprise many. We understand and respect the requirement for a conservative style of dressing but, at the same time, also believe in freedom of expression. Every individual has a certain sense of dressing that they associate with and no matter how conservative, there is always a way one can stand out.

We categorically cater to a section of population who’re looking for variety in an unexplored range of clothing, fashion and apparel. And to top it at all off, we offer custom fitting along with the standard sizes at the best price!

Available in different colors and patterns, Abaya and Jilbab dresses, with carefully embroidered work, does not only serve the purpose of protecting the skin but also gives the desirable creative expression for women. Separately available Hijabs can be mixed and matched quite easily, given the number of color combinations possible from what’s there on offer.

With the variety of Galabiyyas and Sherwanis on display, men are sure to be satisfied.

Raees Cream Color Sherwani
From prayer clothes and accessories to Abayas, we have stocked our store with designs for every occasion. The rules are strict but we can certainly play within those rules. We are passionate about what we do and continuously work toward making the monotonous routine of dressing up more enjoyable.

Rizwana Anjum

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