Women these days are doing well in every aspects of life, be it personal family life or the professional lifestyle, they know how to multitask and get things done in the most efficient and effective ways. Today’s women know what is best for themselves and their family and loved ones. It is not just the women alone but society too feels the importance and necessity for women folks to come out of their just limited to family lifestyle and tale active part in professional market.



Formal Islamic clothing is unquestionably long and serves to cover the whole body, yet no more do jilbabs and kurtas stand for simple dresses. You can choose your favorite from the online portals’ extensive collection of modest abayas that can make you look rich, keen and appealing. You can look good in an outfit that suits your personality and body type. Have a look at the picture given here that shows the model wearing a stylish Abaya that not only maintains her modesty levels, but also shows her confident side of wearing appropriate clothing for working hours.There was a time when the professional world was just limited the men alone. However, this is no more the case. With the need of active participation in corporate environment comes the importance and necessity of wearing appropriate clothing. While choosing the formal yet modest Islamic clothing for working women, make sure to choose professional and subtle hues that would not only make you look you serious and not to glittery.


Rizwana Anjum

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