Pantone colour of the year 2015- Marsala

Marsala which is an earthy wine red colour is the Pantone colour for 2015. This colour is described to be impactful, full-bodied and elegant.

The colour is equally appealing to men and women. Also, this colour is flattering against many skin tones. One could have a Marsala abaya, kaftan, kurti, galabiyyas, pants, blush, nail paint, lip stick or even hair highlights. This earthy shade has a bit of sophistication, texture, glamour as well as luxury.

Following are OUR top Marsala picks

a. Floral lock stitch embroidery on a Marsala background. The work is also called hand chikan embroidery that is a traditional embroidery style from Lucknow, India.  Chikan or chikankari work is one of Lucknow's best-known textile decoration styles.

Here is the link to buy this abaya :

b. A headband that is the most used muslim accessory. This headband can be used with similar colour clothes or with a contrast. Marsala with black or white looks the best.

c. The Marsala kurti has clear glass beads used for embellishment that give a more luxurious look to the style. This kurti with a good pair of pants would look great during day and to dress it up for night just add some accessories to the look. Match your hijab colour with the pants for a more fashionable look.

Here is the link for the kurti:

d. Farasha Abaya has contrasting chain stitch hand embroidery work (also called - aari hand work)with a round neck. The abaya is made from Koshibo material that is lightweight and wrinkle free so that it does not lose its style even after long rides in cars or buses. This abaya could be worn during the day or at night. The embroidery is on the front side and on the sleeves. Another interesting feature of this piece are the utility pockets on both sides.

Here is the link to this abaya:

e. Natasha Abaya is another Koshibo fabric abaya with utility pockets. This piece can be worn with a printed hijab to add more fashion quotient to the outfit. The plain texture of this abaya leaves room for one to style it any way you like. Floral hijabs for this season would go great to complete the look.

Here us the link for this abaya:

f. Lamah Niqab is made from soft poly crepe fabric. The niqab can be tied at the back to give a good fit. A part of the modest muslim woman’s attire, it could be worn with a similar colour or contrasting.

Here is the link to buy this Niqab:

Rizwana Anjum

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