6 Ways to Refresh Your Abaya Wardrobe In 2017 Ramadan

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Every closet needs a minor reboot occasionally. Especially when there is any special occasion like Ramadan or Eid, it is totally worth for a modest Muslimah to refresh her Abaya wardrobe. If you too want to have revamp your Abaya collection, check out these simple tips that will amaze you.


Here are six key ways to create modest wearables that will refresh your existing Abaya wardrobe. As Ramadan is the holy month and you are ought to majorly focus on your ibadah, you can opt for shopping of Abaya online. As Ramadan 2017 is approaching, it can be a great chance to refresh your existing Abaya collection.


1. Virtual shopping: This is one of the best ways to refresh your wardrobe. Furthermore you can save your time, energy and money. As, many online stores offer their greatest deals on modest wears. Abaya online stores are flourishing sensational, classic, contemporary with attractive motifs and embellishments. Apparently they have an elegant modest sense with in.

2. Accessorize: Accessorizing is a cool way to revamp your style. It instantly gives you a totally new look. This Ramadan you can add a new accessory to your Abaya wardrobe. Muslim clothing online stores offer fabulous varieties of accessories like scarves, brooches, scarf pins etc.

3. Restyle: Although you’re bored of the old clothes and accessories, you can gather up many hijab outfit ideas from pieces you already own and try restyling them. There are many ways such as DIY, borrowing from friends, layering etc.  You can extract inspiring ideas from the internet and create your own style.

4. Clean out: A messy wardrobe can never look good and before refreshing it you must clean out by selling old stuff or giving them to your relatives or friends. Best way is to give in charity and this can add Allah’s pleasure too.

5. Eid Shopping: As soon as Ramadan starts, it’s time to start thinking about Eid outfits. Yes, Eid is always a great opportunity to show off a new chic hijab style. So, in addition to your Eid dresses, you can invest in a stylish Abaya too.  

6. Multipurpose apparels: Get a little insight on what’s currently trending for hijab fashion. Go for multipurpose apparels and mixed textures, because of course, the whole month you will remain busy with your prayers and regular schedule. Abaya shopping online can be a great savior for you as it will be delivered at your door steps.




Rizwana Anjum

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