The fusion of Tradition and Modernity with Modesty

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Hijabs and Abayas have always been essential part of a modest Muslimah’s wardrobe. These are the dress that cover her physical beauty highlight the grace and haya in her which make a Muslimah much more beautiful. Though, the conformist part of the society considers that these are the only clothing they have which quash them underneath.


The tradition of watching all Muslim women wear such attires can make one think they are bound to it but the reality here is slightly different. A Muslim woman’s dressing sense reflects her confidence but that is mostly confused with their suppression. Now when time is changing, the Islamic fashion industry is molding itself and meeting the modern curve which reflects the fun and faith they believe in.


Now dresses like Khalida dress, long skirts, flared denim, drawstring dresses and Hijabs are offering them a change within their cultural reach promoting the human curiosity of witnessing changes in Hijabs and Abayas fashion. The change is brought about to break the stereotypes about the Muslim women and the Muslim community. It is an initiative that is giving ample opportunity to women for “free living” is matching the modernization by wearing what they like, without hurting their community and cultural values.


Change is not always bad


Many fashion based warehouses are now working to put designs that help the Hijabs and other traditional Islamic clothing to reflect the confidence and beauty of a modest Muslimah, who does not want to compromise with her religious faith. To meet this trend and objective, many graduates from prestigious colleges of fashion and designing across the globe have realized the fact that a tint of fashion can be blended into the traditional dressing system and surely the fusion is widely loved and welcomed.


As far as the definition of Islamic fashion of modesty and culture is not faded and hurt, the women of Muslim community can also put their old and archaic attire to rest and enjoy the feminine simplicity with the globalizing world. The journey of creating something modest yet simple along with giving due respect to the values the Islamic belief and ethics might seem to be tough but the pace of modern globalization and the second generation have taken the first step to solve the problem.


Social networking platform has given wide platform to flourish this aspect. The people in the east can now easily communicate with the renowned Islamic fashion brands of west and share their needs and demand for modern wear within Islamic limitations. And, the demand is met by these firms via Facebook and twitter like pages. Thanks to technology that has made life easier and the world smaller.


Rizwana Anjum

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