The Importance of Under Caps

Struggling with trying to keep your hijab in place? Tired of constantly needing to fix your hijab from falling? I have one very simple solution for you, hijab under caps. When I first began wearing the hijab I just put the scarves on my head, without anything underneath. I soon began to realize I needed to find something to keep my hijabs from slipping left and right. That’s when I came across hijab caps, aka the greatest invention ever!



I recommend wearing under caps that are pure cotton, I personally believe those work best for keeping your hijab in place all day. Another great thing I discovered through these under caps is the full ninja under cap. I know you’re probably wondering why it’s called a “ninja under cap,” but you’ll realize for yourself you actually look like a ninja while wearing one! It’s an under cap that completely covers your head and neck, which is great for neck coverage or for extra warmth in the colder seasons. I highly recommend you start wearing under caps if you haven’t already being doing so, it’ll save you a lot of time and hassle!

Rizwana Anjum

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