5 Affordable Ways to Update Your Hijab Collection in 2017

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Ramadan, the most loving and beneficial month of the year, is not just all about fasting. It brings with it a lot of happiness in everyone’s life. People spend this month with maximum Ibadah and noble deeds. They keep themselves engaged in reciting the Quran, offering extra prayers, and donating to poor.


As per Hadith, Ramadan is one such month of Islamic calendar for which Allah will not ask about the expenditures. So, Muslims spend on food, clothing, charity etc. They try to earn maximum rewards by following the Islamic principles.


Dressing in modest way within Islamic beliefs is also one of the ways in which a Muslim tries to improve himself and earn God’s blessings in Ramadan. Both men and women strictly follow the Islamic way of dressing to please Allah. This is the reason why fashion stores and designer brands launch modest Ramadan collections and grab high sales.


When it comes to buying for Ramadan, Muslim women tend to have everything from Abaya to dresses and Hijabs as well. Well, this surely adds huge bucks in the budget for the family, therefore we have come up with some affordable ways to refresh your hijab collection with ease. Check out! 


1. DIY Hijab Styles

Hijab is one of those clothing stuff that is used every day and you usually have good collection of it in your wardrobe. But, after wearing it a certain number of times, you feel bored and push it behind in your shelf. This does not mean those have turned old or out of fashion. Instead of heading towards a hijab store, you can easily upcycle them by attaching glitters and embellishments to give it look new.


2. Dyeing Old Hijabs

You may dye the old Hijabs that are light shaded or have become dull due to usage. Use some vibrant colours and add life to your old Hijab and flaunt with style. This is one of the cheapest method to refresh your Hijab collection.


3. Exchange with Friends and Cousins

Girls usually get bored of their fashion accessories very soon. The stuffs that cost huge amounts can’t just be discarded like this. The better option is to exchange your accessories like Hijabs with your friends and cousins and have a new collection altogether.


4. Reversible Clothing

This is another good way to save while renewing your Hijab collection. Look for the shades that you are fascinated about this season and try to check out and buy hijab online for reversible pieces that have double-shaded designs. You can use each of such double coloured Hijab on two occasions without looking the same.


5. Check Hijab Online

There are many online stores that offer special deals and discounts during festive seasons like Ramadan and Eid. You may grab such opportunities to buy hijab online at much reasonable prices. Some also offer free Hijabs on purchase over a certain limit.

Rizwana Anjum

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