10 Ways to Make Ramadan 2017 Special with Online Shopping

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Ramadan, the most pious month of Islamic calendar, is the time when people are worried about how to make the best out of it. Fasting, praying, enjoying family time, and a lot of shopping are some of the specialties of Ramadan. And, as Ramadan 2017 is heading towards us, there must be a lot of preparations to make beforehand.


The best way to make this month more productive is to plan it early. You can always opt for online shopping because it is not only energy saving but also avails you great discounts and best deals that save you a lot of bucks. Moreover, outdoor shopping in this hot weather can be really hectic and a tiresome job. So why not sit at home and enjoy the benefits of home shopping?



Check out 10 ways of making Ramadan 2017 an effective one with online shopping for Muslim women:


1. Ibadah: Ramadan is a month full of Allah’s blessings and you don’t want to miss it on the go. Online shopping will make help you save a lot of time and energy and get rid of extra hectic activities, thereby focusing more on ibadah.


2. Time Saving: Believe it that virtual shopping is a lot easier than regular outdoor shopping as it right away saves your time which you can utilize to spend with your family.


3. Everything Under One Roof: Not only dresses and accessories but also essentials like Abaya and Hijab are all available under one roof. So, you don’t have to make errands every other day for different items.


4. Energy Saving: As the Ramadan mostly arrives during summers, the fasting hours are longer. So, you need to save energy to manage the whole day. In online shopping, you do not need to waste your precious energy when buying.


5. Great Prices: During Ramadan MyBatua, the leading online store for Islamic clothing, offers big discounts and special offers so that it can fit your budget and you can benefit with more and more items.


6. Varieties: Online shopping always offers you more varieties in every item. You can enjoy having infinite choice options when buying items online. Especially shopping for Eid 2017 can be more fun.


7. Availability: Shopping from home can be done with your convenience 24X7. This is a great advantage during Ramadan.


8. Updated Online Deals: Offers related to wholesale purchases have higher appeal and thus efficient deals can be attained in online shopping and you need not waste your precious energy when buying.


9. Sending Gifts: No matter where you are, sending gifts to relatives and friends on Eid is much easier.


10. Traveling: Wandering from shop to shop while fasting will exhaust you and after you come home you won’t be able to focus on your prayers. Thus, online shopping is best during Ramadan. Also, options like free shipping and cash on delivery save your fuel and keep you stress free.  


Rizwana Anjum

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