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  • Bahijah Abaya

    Beautiful Abaya

    Reviewed on May 30, 2019 ,By Roohi

    This is a really awesome product...very comfortable fabric...go for it girls..

  • Khalidah Abaya

    This is as pretty in person

    Reviewed on May 20, 2019 ,By Khadijah

    I purchased this one a while ago and it has become a staple in my wardrobe. This is comfortable and wrinkles very little. The material is nice weight so it’s not too hot in the summer.

  • Printed Crepe Abaya AY-667

    Another great Abaya

    Reviewed on May 19, 2019 ,By Elizabeth

    This is my second abaya from MyBatua and I love it! I love the lightness of the crepe fabric and that the abaya has pockets! Cute and stylish and wonderful bright colors. Can’t wait to buy more!

  • Fara Black Nida Abaya

    Wears well and does not wrinkle

    Reviewed on May 12, 2019 ,By Khadijah

    I bought this for my daughter and she wore it often. It was one of her favorite pieces.

  • Lamah Niqab + Square Hijab + Head Band


    Reviewed on Mar 22, 2019 ,By zuhrah

    I've been wearing these niqabs for years as I like to wear lots of different colours, I would prefer it if I could just buy the niqab on its own at a reduced price rather than with the scarf as I don't use these scarves and it is wasted money.

  • Natasha Abaya

    awesome it fitts well

    Reviewed on Mar 16, 2019 ,By kadra

    awesome it fitts well

  • Natasha Abaya


    Reviewed on Mar 16, 2019 ,By kadra


  • Printed Crepe Abaya AY-672

    Just what I wanted!!

    Reviewed on Mar 15, 2019 ,By Elizabeth

    This Abaya is perfect! The material is light and comfortable. I love the cut of the Abaya and there is not a ton of fabric to get lost in. Super fast shipping!! Going to buy more!

  • Hibah Abaya

    Very nice

    Reviewed on Jan 30, 2019 ,By Nabila

    The quality of the Abaya is amazing and it is very beautiful. I would definitely recommed buying this and I will definitely be buying more.

  • Viscose Jersey Under Hijab Cap / Headband

    My Review

    Reviewed on Jan 22, 2019 ,By Anonymous user

    I have rated this product

  • Daria Abaya


    Reviewed on Jan 13, 2019 ,By Nahiel

    True size and best quality, Love it !

  • Nahleejah Maroon Kashibo Abaya

    Very lovely dress. I love it.

    Reviewed on Jan 11, 2019 ,By Aisha

    Everyone around me wants this dress, but I love it too much than to give it out.

  • Gold Color Hand Beaded Dubai Ladies Moroccan Style Wedding Caftan


    Reviewed on Jan 09, 2019 ,By Sabah

    I bought this dress for my daughter to get married in, we were very happy with it as it was beautiful and it made her stand out as the bride. The guests all complemented how lovely it was. Thank you My Batua

  • Jilbab/Khimar & Skirt Set In Breathable Nida Fabric

    Best buy

    Reviewed on Jan 03, 2019 ,By Umm hamdan

    Got my parcel today... Very glad to c a very nice product... It's really worth buying..I ordered it in black...fabric,colour n size evthing is up to the mark... If you're thinking to order's highly recommended.. go ahead

  • Decent Embroidered Abaya

    Very beautiful ... amazing in everything

    Reviewed on Dec 23, 2018 ,By Nahiel

    Woooooow very very beautiful

  • Noreen Purple Rayon Hijab

    Very beautiful ... amazing in everything

    Reviewed on Dec 23, 2018 ,By Nahiel


  • Aqeelah Black Nida Abaya

    Very beautiful ... amazing in everything

    Reviewed on Dec 23, 2018 ,By Nahiel

    Wonderful love it so much

  • Zehna Black Nida Abaya

    Very beautiful ... amazing in everything

    Reviewed on Dec 23, 2018 ,By Nahiel


  • Printed Crepe Abaya AY-675


    Reviewed on Dec 15, 2018 ,By Ambreen

    Fantastic service and great quality

  • Ibtisam Abaya


    Reviewed on Dec 13, 2018 ,By mu'min

    really comfortable material, it falls sensational. simple but elegant.