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Lamah Niqab + Square Hijab + Head Band

Product Review (submitted on October 12, 2016):
This is a very beautiful set which includes a headband, a square hijab, and a matching niqab. The eye area of the niqab is not very tall (my eyelashes overlap it when my eyes are open, so it won't show too much of your face. I also love that it comes in bright colors -- too many niqabs come in only dark colors, and when you are covering your face, it is not as though a bright color can reveal too much. It also looks very nice for wearing a niqab in a western country, as in a bright color it doesn't make you look so scary to the non-Muslims. My only complaint is that the niqab is just a little short for me (I have a long neck), and another inch or two would be convenient (although it doesn't reveal skin even at its current length).