There are thousands of online outlets selling ready-made clothing varieties for men, women, and kids. But you can only buy from them flashy garments, competing with the latest fashion styles worldwide. Islamic people have some strict dress code laid down for their sects, where “modesty” in clothing is urged – especially for women.

So if you want to buy modest clothing for use on all occasions and outing, you have no need to look beyond MyBatua the exclusive online store, for assorted varieties of religious Islamic clothing for women, men and kids.

In order to meet the global demand for Islamic religious clothing, but at the same time satisfying the desires of the women folk, for looking modest and decent and yet fashionable, the designers at MyBatuastrive every nerve. If you visit their site, you will be bewildered with open jaws, to see the parade of eye-pleasing modest clothing materials for all.

The list of dress varieties made available at this site for Muslim womenfolk is really long. Here is a condensed list of women’s dresses:

  • Islamic Abayas and Jilbabs – for Casual Wear; Embroidered; Party/Occasion wear; Cotton fabric used; Butterfly; Hooded; and Jersey Abayas
  • Black Burkas
  • Burkini – Swimwear
  • Cardigans
  • Coat – Outerwear
  • Kaftans
  • Kurtis – Tunics
  • Muslim Wedding Dresses
  • Salwar Kameez – Suits
  • Skirts and Pants
  • Hijabs
  • Shawls and Shayla (Stoles) etc.

Remember – each and every category of women’s dresses mentioned above, do have so many variations in fabric, design, model, artworks to provide a complete set to cover from head to toe.

Their designers have meticulously followed the rigid Islamic clothing rules, so that the woman wearing the dress and goes out will get instant respect, everywhere.

Similarly, Islamic modest clothing varieties are available for men and kids. In respect of men’s wear, the online store reassures they are ardently following the Traditional Men’s Islamic Clothing with religious fervor, and yet looking stylish.

You can buy for your kids’ elegant Islamic dresses – especially for female little kids, and make them look like glittering butterflies on special occasions.

In addition, you can get a sizeable range of modest clothing for Prayer Dresses – for women and men. You can complete your purchases for not only dresses but also other Accessories, Footwear, and Hand Bags etc. from this exclusive online store.

Sit pretty at your home, press some buttons in your computer or mobile device, land on MyBatua and view everything at a leisurely pace.

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Infographic: Mind Pleasing Women Islamic Dresses