Women and the latest fashion are two inseparable phenomena. Ladies are intuitively careful to dress “fashionably”, whenever they step out of their home. The concern that other folks should not consider them as “non-fashionable” is always nagging their mind. The Muslim women folk are no exceptions. Even though they are restricted religiously to dress modest, modern Muslim ladies have found a way out, by the assorted Abaya designs to walk with pride and self-satisfaction.

Islamic Clothing and Fashion


Islamic Clothing and Fashion:

The designers of the online outlet specializing in dress materials and accessories specifically for Muslim men, women and kids, namely have fully recognized the needs for Islamic clothing. Accordingly, if you visit their site, you will be pleasantly surprised to go through an array of ready-to-wear dresses for the Muslim community. They are offering a complete section selling “mybatua abaya”, apart from other attractive and eye-pleasing dresses.


The Significance of Modesty in Muslim Clothing


The Significance of Modesty in Muslim Clothing

All over the world, the Muslim community has special rules, to be adopted ardently and with utmost spiritual sense, in respect of Muslim clothing. Especially the women folk of that community are expected not to deviate from the Islamic faith. Modesty and simplicity are insisted upon so that when a woman appears in public outside, she should command respect from everyone. In line with this age-old faith, the Muslim women folk are expected to cover their body fully from head to toe, while attending public functions and celebrations.


Abaya Designs


Abaya Designs: Blending Faith with Fashion

The Abaya designs are perfect examples of this modest appearance, covering the body parts in entirety. But within the framework of modesty, mybatua abaya varieties blend Islamic faith with fashion at the same time. Girls visiting the site are glad by the innumerable varieties, models, colors, cutting, fabric, styles, and embellishments in these robe-like dress categories called Abaya.

Assorted Abaya Designs

For example, you can find assorted Abaya designs such as:

▪️ Abaya Style
▪️ Dubai Abaya
▪️ Embroidered Abaya
▪️ Everyday Use
▪️ Fancy Abaya
▪️ Front Open Abaya
▪️ Hajj and Prayer
▪️ Hooded Abaya
▪️ Maternity Abaya
▪️ Printed Abaya
▪️ Short Abaya
▪️ Umbrella Abaya

    Varied Fabrics and Colors

    You can select your eye-pleasing MyBatua Abaya in varied fabrics like:

    ▪️ Brocade
    ▪️ Chambray
    ▪️ Chiffon
    ▪️ Chifley
    ▪️ Cotton
    ▪️ Crepe
    ▪️ Denim
    ▪️ Georgette
    ▪️ Jersey
    ▪️ Kashibo
    ▪️ Net
    ▪️ Nida
    ▪️ Polyester
    ▪️ Poplin
    ▪️ Rayon
    ▪️ Satin
    ▪️ Art Silk
    ▪️ Velvet

      As for color selection, there are plenty such as:

      ▪️ Black Abaya
      ▪️ White Abaya
      ▪️ Brown Abaya
      ▪️ Beige Abaya
      ▪️ Cream Abaya
      ▪️ Gold Abaya
      ▪️ Grey Abaya
      ▪️ Green Abaya
      ▪️ Ivory


        Your best bet for Muslim clothing that blends Islamic faith and fashion is See for yourself by visiting the site right now; you need no further proof than that.

        FAQs :

        How is an abaya worn?

        1. Step 1: Choose the right abaya for the occasion – whether it's a classic black abaya or a more stylish variant.
        2. Step 2: Wear appropriate clothing underneath, such as a long top and modest jeans for casual styles or a formal dress for more formal occasions.
        3. Step 3: Put on the abaya, ensuring it is properly fastened, whether it's a pull-over, zip, or button-up style.
        4. Step 4: Style the abaya with accessories like belts, blazers, jackets, or scarves to enhance the look according to your preference.
        5. Step 5: Complete the outfit with suitable footwear and a handbag to match the overall style.

        What are the benefits of wearing an abaya in Islam?

        1. Modesty: Wearing an abaya helps fulfill the Islamic requirement for women to dress modestly.
        2. Protection: The abaya protects the body from unwanted attention and maintains a woman's privacy.
        3. Cultural Identity: It preserves cultural and religious identity, allowing women to express their faith.
        4. Versatility: Modern abayas come in various styles that can be adapted for different occasions, making them a versatile wardrobe choice.
        5. Comfort: Abayas are generally loose and comfortable, suitable for hot climates and providing ease of movement.

        What are the rules for wearing an abaya in Islam?

        1. Modesty: The primary rule is that the abaya should cover the body modestly, typically leaving only the face, hands, and feet visible.
        2. Loose Fit: The abaya should be loose-fitting to not reveal the shape of the body.
        3. Non-Transparent: The material should be opaque to ensure full coverage.
        4. Simple and Unadorned: Traditionally, abayas should be simple and not attract undue attention. However, modern styles may incorporate tasteful embellishments.
        5. Appropriate Context: The abaya should be worn in public settings where modesty is required, in line with cultural and religious expectations.

        How to look classy in an abaya?

        1. Classic Chic Look: Add a thin belt around your waist, pair it with a fancy jacket, and accessorize with a small sling bag and high heels.
        2. Casual O: Wear an open abaya over modest jeans and a long top. Pair it with boots and a suitable handbag.
        3. Elegant Office Look: Combine a closed or half-open abaya with a blazer. Match with a coordinating hijab, pastel or nude accessories, and cosmetics. Complete the look with ballerinas or sandals.
        4. Tomboy Look: Layer a checked shirt over your abaya. Pair it with casual ballets or shoes and a quirky sling or satchel.
        5. Lazy Weekend Look: Wear a comfy sweatshirt or sweater over a plain abaya. Pair it with bedroom slippers at home or matching shoes when going out. Add a beanie and a long locket chain for extra style.