A Complete Guide to Abaya Fabric

We all love to look good with what we wear, whether for regular wear or special occasions. When choosing the right Abayas for dress-up events, your choice of the right fabric is definitely up to the task. Special occasions like parties with friends or family members allow you to bring out your style sense. But the overall appeal of your Abaya dress indeed depends on the fabric you choose, which is why Abaya fabric guide can be of great help.

Although the first thing that attracts our eyes when shopping for Abayas online is the available designs, Abaya fabric is the next big thing. It should be on your checklist to consider the right Abaya fabric based on the season or occasion you buy it for.

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The right selection of Abaya fabric is not just about material quality but also the comfort of wear. After all, the last thing you would want to feel discomfort while wearing an Abaya made of fabric unsuitable for the weather or occasion. The best part is – you can easily get the hang of selecting Abayas in the most suitable fabric when you follow an Abaya fabric guide.

Here is a detailed Abaya fabric guide to help you become a pro at Abaya shopping online:

Common Abaya Fabrics


List of Most Common Abaya Fabrics

1. Nida

Have you seen elegant Abayas online, which are also expensive? Most probably, they are made of Nida fabric.  It is a luxurious quality of Abaya fabric that is soft and comfortable. An important thing you should know about this Abaya fabric is that it is 100% polyester. This quality makes it perfect for Abayas worn in the summer season.

As an Abaya fabric, Nida also comes in multiple variants and qualities, each of which can be different in price. If you are searching for modern Abayas that are both elegant and comfortable for warm weather, look no further than Nida Abayas online.

2. Net

It is the fabric that is used to design see-through Abayas for parties and weddings. The most striking quality of this Abaya fabric is its lightweight, which is highly preferred by many women. Other than this, net Abayas has a rich appearance in terms of embellishments and embroidery. When used for making beautiful Abayas, it is often paired with lining to cover up the transparency.

Net is also known for its add-on texture, which is why it is also used in designing various gowns. You can also find a wide range of embroidered net Hijabs available online that you can pair up with Abayas.

3. Viscose

For some women, it is the style element of Abaya fabric that matters the most. While for others, it is about properties like sweat absorption and softness. Viscose fabric is known for the latter reason. It is also durable, long-lasting, and lighter than cotton. If you are looking for an Abaya fabric that can withstand rough usage and lasts long, go for Viscose.


Viscose fabric originally comes from the wood pulp of trees. This quality makes it highly suitable for making Abayas for regular wear. You might have also heard of Viscose as the best Abaya fabric for the summer season. Search for the Viscose Abaya collection online for a perfect summer shopping experience.

4. Jersey

If you are looking for Abaya fabric that looks beautiful as it curls at the edges, you need Jersey Abayas. This Abaya fabric is quite stretchy in nature and has a draping quality. Being a single knit fabric, it is versatile, i.e., it can also be used for making beautiful tops, dresses, and skirts.

If your first preference is slim fit Abayas that make you look impressive, go for Jersey fabric. Similarly, if you love wearing Abayas with well-fitted sleeves, look for Jersey as the go-to- fabric. Make sure you also look at other details than fabric when buying Abayas online.

5. Kashibo

Ever wondered why Kashibo Abayas look so exclusive and extraordinary? One reason behind that appearance can be their close resemblance to silk, satin, and chiffon. The best quality of Kashibo Abaya fabric is that it does not require much care. Kashibo Abayas do not easily shrink or expand, hence retaining the actual fit of the wearer’s body. It is used to create a wide variety of clothing. There are numerous designs and colors of Kashibo available in the market, each with distinct quality and appeal.

Particularly for Abayas, this lavish fabric is no less than a status symbol for many. That is why it is considered one of the best Abaya fabrics across the world. A wide range of casual-wear Abayas and outing dresses are made of Kashibo.

6. Cotton

Cotton is the most common Abaya fabric and is also used in making various other garments. It is highly comfortable owing to its organic nature and can be easily worn for long durations without facing discomfort. The best thing about this Abaya fabric is that it is all-weather textile. Cotton Abayas can resist varying temperatures, whether it is about beating the summer heat or providing insulation during winters.

Also, Cotton is highly durable and can withstand frequent washing cycles. Its comfort is an inherent characteristic and provides breathable space with cloth layer and skin.

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Because of all these features, Cotton Abayas are the most bought products in our collection at MyBatua.com.

7. Georgette

What sparkles brightly in the shiny evening Abayas is the Georgette fabric they are made of. Georgette looks like silk, which is produced naturally. But it is different and has a crepe-like texture. However, it often looks similar to various silk Abayas.

Women who like to wear soft and shiny Abayas choose Georgette as the Abaya fabric. A wide range of such abayas is easily available online these days, making it easier to go on an occasion-oriented shopping spree. Most casual wear Abayas are made of Georgette that looks perfect on women.

8. Pure Crepe

One of the finest types of Abaya fabric, pure crepe has a textured appearance and twisted weave. It is the fabric that is highly used in embellished Abayas and gowns. One feature that makes it highly popular as an Abaya fabric is its crease resistance. If you do not like Abaya fabrics over which creases start to form soon when worn, you can go for Pure Crepe.

Crepe Abayas are most popular in slim-fit designs. Hence, you can keep on wearing your modesty while looking stylish with this Abaya fabric.

9. Denim/Jeans Abayas

What looks good when worn as bottom wear Jeans look even better in the form of Abayas. Often talked about interchangeably as Jeans or Denim, this fabric is also perfect for making Abayas with rough texture and durability. Just like wearing jeans for a casual outing with friends, you can wear Denim Abayas too. They are quite easy to wash and maintain, and you can wear them in style for protection against cold weather in winters.

Search for our exclusive collection of Denim or Jeans abayas online.

Which One is the Best Abaya Fabric?

Like buying any other product online, it is quite challenging which Abaya fabric is the best one. Every woman has different preferences when it comes to choosing an Abaya. Whether it is comfort, convenience, or design, there is no such Abaya fabric that matches all needs. That can be one reason behind the availability of so many Abaya fabrics online.

The best answer to this question is more individualistic, i.e., it varies from one person to another and also as per occasions. For example, if you want to buy Abayas online for regular wear, your first preference would be comfort. For this, you can buy Cotton abayas. Similarly, if you want the best Abaya fabric for a party or wedding function, look for Abayas made of silk, Nidha, or top-quality crepe.

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Keep in mind that the definition of ‘Best Abaya fabric’ differs with occasions and needs. What is best for someone else as an Abaya fabric may not be equally suitable to you.

How to Choose a Suitable Abaya Fabric?

As said above, there are several aspects that you need to keep in mind while choosing an Abaya fabric. Firstly, make sure you do not buy Abayas online only because of their design elements. It is crucial to dig deeper and look into the Abaya fabric details. It is always better to buy a suitable Abaya fabric that you can wear in the long run than the one you regret buying.

Keep in mind the following tips for choosing Abaya fabrics online:

▪️ Consider the purpose you are buying Abayas for. The choice of Abaya fabric should be different for Abayas for everyday wear and those for special occasions.
▪️ Check your budget. It is important because each Abaya fabric has a distinct price tag attached to it. It would be best to look for the availability of Abayas in different fabrics based on the amount you can spend on the purchase.
▪️ Check the brand you are buying from. A renowned brand ensures the best quality products are made available to the customers at the best price.


    1. Should I buy luxury Abaya fabrics for regular wear?

    This is a personal preference and affordability condition. If you can buy luxury Abayas made of rich Abaya fabrics like Nidha, Crepe, and silk, there is nothing wrong in making the purchase decision.

    2. Why is Cotton Abaya fabric so popular?

    Cotton fabric is most suitable for its all-season usability. You can easily wear cotton Abayas comfortably, irrespective of the season. Also, Cotton Abayas are budget-friendly, which can be another reason behind their high popularity.

    3. Why should I consider an Abaya fabric guide before online shopping?

    Abaya fabric guide can help you know about different types of fabrics used to make Abayas. This knowledge is required to make well-informed Abaya shopping decisions.


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