7 Most Common Types of Muslim Women's Clothing

Modest clothing is an elaboration of style, beauty, and fashion for women across the globe. It goes without the need to mention that women who follow Islamic culture are mostly seen in the dresses that fully cover them. Those dresses are uniquely designed centuries ago but with just a pinch of contemporary ideas, they become the epitome of Islamic fashion.

Since rules of modesty are open to interpretations in many ways, we will leave that for you to decide. Depending upon which country one belongs to, the rules may differ and so does culture. Keeping all that aside we are listing the all modern yet modest clothing range Islamic outfits commonly worn by women across the globe.


Abaya is probably the most popular of all. It is known by different names like chador, burkha, burqa, etc. It is a loose-fitting dress comfortable outfit worn above the main outfit. It smartly covers bulges as they are long and flowy in design usually up to floor-length. They now come in all colors but traditionally it was made in black. A few enticing ideas by the fashion designers

have tweaked the outfit to become trendy. It no more just represents the culture of the dignified women but also fashion to make you stylish.

Abayas come in various designs and styles like Umbrella Abaya, Anarkali Abaya, Batwing Abaya, Short Abaya, Flared Abaya, Plain Abaya, etc. Fine quality fabric is picked to stitch these variants of abayas which are suited for both cold and warm weather. It doesn’t matter whether you are a working woman or a housewife, they are available for women of all ages. Abayas have become everyday outfit as it outranks any other dresses in a Muslim women’s wardrobe.

Salwar Kameez

Salwar Kameez also called Salwar Suit is considered ethnic but in some parts of the world, it is also used as everyday wear. It is a traditional outfit for them and roots back to centuries ago. One of the reasons it is popular because just like Abaya it is modest and at the same time it is worn independently without the need of using abaya. Salwar Suits cover the whole body except hands, face, and toes as they come in two pieces, Kameez or suit is a long flowing tunic-like outfit whereas the Kameez or Salwar is a trouser like outfits.

They are so comfortable to wear that some schools and agencies have it as their dress code for women. Today these Salwar Kameez is more popular than ever before because of the various adaptations. Anarkali Suits, Straight Suits, Churidar Suits, Pakistani Suits, Palazzo Suits, Sharara Suits, Punjabi Suits are some of the common and favorite choices of the fashionistas. They are available in wide range design, fabric, style, and color. Ranging from daily wear, workwear, festivals, or any random occasional events, you will not be able to take off your eyes easily. You can pair them up with a big scarf often referred to as odhni, dupatta or chunni. You can also use this to cover your face and hair. If you haven’t got one in your wardrobe, buy them now for your traditional and ethnic days.  


Another popular Muslim dress for women. Kaftan is historically symbolic of royalty and heritage. It’s been thousands of years when it was worn by the Sultans and Ottoman empires as it originated in Mesopotamia. Today, it is common to see women wearing Kaftan in middle-east countries, Africa, and Morocco. Islamic dresses are always common in two aspects, comfort and modesty. Kaftans also carry the same core features. They are long and fluid in design made to cover most of your body no matter what size you are in. Flaps like batwings on both sides of the outfit underarms make them look special and unique as compared to other dresses. 

There are plenty of designs available to buy as they come in all sorts of styles designed to suit your needs. They are generally made as a one-piece dress but it may have two layers too depending upon the style. The outer layer acts as an enclosure with buttons and the inner layer stays inside. As in when needed, fashion designer experiment with their ideas to evolve the outfit into a dress that goes trending. Some of the popular styles of Kaftans are Takchita, Islamic Kaftans, Jalabiya, Farasha, and the most popular of all Moroccan Kaftans.


Tunics trends always as fashionistas love to adorn it in different patterns. They are usually knee-length and always worn with matching trousers. Wonderful work of art can be seen in this dress too as the embroidered ones are pretty much enticing even though they come in various prints, patterns, and options that even include utility pocket for your convenience.

Since this stunning outfit needs to be worn with a matching trouser, you get to chose variants in that too. You can either go for baggy style or call it patiyala type trousers or straight churidar trousers. The same tunic can give you different looks with different trousers, just set it up properly to match the colors and your style. Embellished tunics with floral embroidery, artistic patterns, or just a little work of zari or pearls, stones, etc. make them ready for you to pick it up for parties. They are extremely comfortable and made for all weather. Going outside for shopping, work, or hangout? You must have these outstanding tunics in your collection.


Hijab is important apparel and you need to have ample of this to suit your different dresses. Traditionally Hijab is made to cover head fastened around it. One type is not fit for every day and that’s why designers innovate to bring a range of hijabs for you. Embroidered hijab, fancy hijab, and hijab for prayer and hajj are the variants found with every woman who likes to carry the values of Islamic culture.

There are just a few quality checks you should keep in mind when buying Hijab, they must not be see-through and it should cover you properly. A headband is an added feature and convenience for you. They make you look prettier!


Covering the face is part of the attire in Islamic culture for women in many parts of the world, a veil that cannot just cover the face but can also cover hair, neck, and shoulders are seen as the best choice. They are called a niqab. Even though it is controversial whether to cover the face completely or not, Niqab stands as one of the most popular outfit apparel for Islamic women. It is usually a rectangular piece of cloth that covers the head as well as face completely with just little gap for eyes. When you put this into a social and cultural context, it becomes necessary to cover the face. Originally it was made in black but ideas touch everything today and now they are available not in just in different colors but also with embroidery and embellishments.


Khimar used to be just a headband type apparel to cover the head but surprisingly designers can work wonders. Today khimar can be as long as your elbows covering your head, hair, neck, shoulders, and chest. They now come in longer lengths too. When you are looking through options to buy, khimar can be one of the unique outfits you may want to have.

You may not be obliged to wear the aforesaid dresses as a Muslim-women but these trendy outfits are winning hearts of all. They all look stunning and despite various options that you can go for in picking up different dresses every day, they all have one thing common—modesty. You can buy these outfits online from an authentic website that offers good quality fabric, stitching, and fittings too. Remember return order or exchange options secure your money so go fearless shopping the best Islamic women dresses!


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