A Complete Abaya Size Guide

Most people across the globe know about Abayas as Muslim clothing, but it is much more than that. This beautiful apparel has a flattering drape, is floor-long, and is a part of almost every Muslimah's closet. Although its generic design is quite loose over the body and free-flowing, it is still crucial to follow the Abaya size guide while buying it online. After all, it should look elegant on you while also wearing it as a badge of modesty.

Shopping for Abayas online, whether you buy them from a custom clothier or an online brand, is quite easy. You can easily find Abayas in impressive designs and colors at prices you can easily afford. However, many women worry about the fit of this classic apparel when bought online. It is obvious to feel that way as one cannot see or touch the product in person.

Online Abaya shopping is quite easy. But just like buying any other clothing online, it comes with the stress of having to return Abaya if it does not fit well over your body. It's not like there can be a virtual dressing room for women to try out as many Abayas as they want.

While you cannot eliminate the possibility of dealing with Abayas returns or exchanges, there are certain things you can plan carefully as a smart shopper. The first thing to check is the Abaya size guide on the online store you have chosen for Abaya shopping.

Wondering why it is important? Let's talk about it in detail.

Why Should You Check Abaya Size Guide Before Buying Abaya Online?

If you are asked about one of the biggest problems with online Abaya shopping, you would agree with the option of 'Order returns.' You ordered an Abaya online because you loved it and then have to return it because it didn't fit well. It is where checking Abaya size guide on an online clothing store becomes important. There are many reasons you should check the Abaya size guide before buying one online.

  1. Distinct Size Guides at Different Portals

One of the benefits of online Abaya shopping is that you can easily search for the latest prints and designs at several websites simultaneously. But it often happens that the specifications of Abaya size guides on different online stores do not match. Along with offering a wide variety of Abayas online, different stores may be using different sizing conventions.

One common mistake most women make is keeping in mind the Abaya size guide from one store while buying Abayas elsewhere. You can avoid this by checking the store's size guide you have finally made the mind to buy from.

  1. Different Size of Different Clothing Types

Other than the brand-specific Abaya sizing conventions, there can be differences in product-specific sizing. For instance, a gown size that fits well over a woman might not be the same when she buys a T-shirt. It is nearly obvious that the specifications of a Salwar Kameez designed for a woman may not be used to design an Abaya for her. There can be differences in the height-to-length ratio or hip-waist ratio.

Checking an Abaya size guide also helps in this aspect. You can easily check the right specification for each type of clothing offered by a brand online.

  1. Exchange/Return Policy

When you want to shop for Abayas online, here is how you would most likely to proceed – You will search for beautiful abayas online, visit multiple websites that come up in the search results one after the other, pick one that you love the most, and pay for it online.

That is how most women think while buying apparel online. But keep in mind that knowing the exchange or return policy of a brand is as important as picking a brand for online shopping. The last thing you would want to happen to you is not being able to return or exchange the Abaya(s) you have ordered but cannot keep as it does not fit well on your body.

You can easily find the details of the exchange/return policy near the Abaya size guide on online clothing stores in most cases. If it is not given there, search for it and ensure that you can return or exchange the product if needed.

Abaya Size Guide at MyBatua

If you have already checked our Abaya collection online or are planning to buy from us, do check our Abaya size guide to avoid future hassles, as given below:

Abaya Size Measurement Inches
Abaya Size Measurement Centimeters

At MyBatua, we have made the Abaya size guides available in both inches and centimeters for you to choose from as you prefer.

Another way you can cross-check the Abaya size guide is by using our height-to-length estimate guide, either in inches or centimeters, as given below:

 Height to length estimator for Abaya

Height to length estimator for Abaya (centimeters)

Let's dig deeper to know how you can have an amazing Abaya shopping experience.

How to Choose the Right Size When You Buy Abayas Online?

A handful of tips related to using an Abaya size guide for Abaya selection can help you lead in the right direction and nab an Abaya that fits perfectly over your body every time.

  1. Measure Your Body Accurately

Even before you check an Abaya size guide, get proper body measurements. Measure the bust, waist, hips, sleeve length, and height accurately. You can do it yourself. Measure your chest size for bust, around the belly button to know your waistline, and around the hip bones for hip measurements. Keep these numbers handy when you check Abaya size guides online.

Most women know about their body size as 'medium,' 'size 9', or '32 waist'. But once you have an accurate idea of your size in terms of the right parameters, you can buy Abayas online without fear.

  1. Ask a Professional for Size Measurement

In case you could not feel convinced with the measurements you have taken yourself, call or visit a professional tailor or designer to take them for you. With the help of an expert who does this all the time and knows well about it, you can avoid any issue with the size measurement part. This is especially important for women who face common sizing issues when buying apparel online.

A thumb rule for getting the size measurements for online Abaya shopping is to stand straight, in a normal posture, and avoid sucking in your gut. An incorrect posture, while someone measures the body size, can lead to improper measurements and, ultimately, purchase an uncomfortable Abaya.

  1. Read Abaya Size Guide Without Fail

Nearly every online Abaya seller makes an Abaya size guide available for the customers. Reading it can be a lifesaver as you spend money on Muslim clothing you cannot try on.

Before you start adding Abayas into your shopping cart, make sure you have clearly read the Abaya size guide. Never ignore this step. Even if Size-L fits well on you for a specific brand, it does not mean you need Abayas for Size-L in every brand. Do not rely on the Abaya size guide blindfoldedly unless you have read the sizing information carefully and matched it with your size.

  1. Buy More Than One Abaya in Different Sizes

Read this further if it is an option in your case. Although you would do your best to pick an Abaya of the right size, you can avoid dealing with the return chaos by ordering two Abayas of subsequent sizes and different designs. This way, you can easily add multiple colorful Abayas to your wardrobe while also getting to know which size fits you the most.

Make sure to check the return policy of the online store selling Abayas. Even if one of the ordered Abayas does not fit, you can return it and order another one of the appropriate sizes.

Make Abayas Your Style Statement

You can look trendy with your classic Abaya collection. The key to stealing hearts with your fashionable Abayas is to check the Abaya size guide carefully. Whether you want to buy them for regular wear or specific occasions, the right fit is the key to look great wearing your Abaya dress. Whether you want to choose from plain, embroidered, printed, or open-front abayas, search for our exclusive online Abaya collection. Pair Abayas with the matching Hijabs or scarves to add another sparkling element to your personality.

Think of Abayas as a modest fashion for modern women. Check out the latest fancy abaya designs in various colors, patterns, and designs. You can save money and time buying Abayas online when you know how to use the Abaya size guide to grab the right size every time. Happy shopping!


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