10 Different Trending Hijab Styles and Fashion for 2024

Hijab is a very important accessory or call it a piece of clothing used to cover head by Muslim women. It is an essential part of the getup. Veiling is mandatory and this is perceived differently by different cultures and regions. For example, it might not be necessary to cover the face, yet you are culturally inclined to follow the Islamic principles about covering your head with a hijab. Being this crucial, Muslim women wear it all the time when around any unrelated male or in a public place. Traditionally hijabs were black but not anymore. The growing need and the popularity of the hijab have led designers to innovate themselves. They have now brought variations in the hijab. We are covering 10 such unique Hijab types and styles that perfectly express your belief in the Islamic culture and how you value the change to adopt contemporary styles.

Square Hijab

Square Hijab

Hijab is made from a single fabric that is usually in a square or rectangular shape. As the name suggests square hijab, it is an optimally large square piece of fabric that can be further decorated or embellished before putting it on sale in stores. It excellently covers your head, hair, neck, as well as upper chest. Women have discovered different ways to drape them around their heads, and how you drape around makes a lot of difference. Usually, it is folded once and then wrapped around the head and chin tightly with the help of safety-pin or hijab clips and brooches. It then freely falls to cover your head, shoulders, and upper body. Use a headband with a square hijab to cover your front head and hairline as it should not be exposed.

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Rectangular Hijab

Rectangle Hijab

This type of Hijab is longer and even narrow as it is made from a rectangular piece of fabric. Many women prefer buying rectangular hijab because it is longer and they get to drape it in length around head multiple times. It is fastened well and gives multiple layered looks keeping both the ends of the hijab in front.  One of the ends of the hijab is concealed under while the other end is wrapped and pinned. After a tight wrap once, they loosely wrap it once more to make a unique look as it falls freely below on shoulders and provides more cover. Headbands are necessary for this type of hijab too.

Instant Hijab


Instant Hijab

This is the coolest of all innovative hijabs. Why? Because they are instant to wear and do not special attention when draping around but rather worn like caps. It is good for young and teenage girls who are starting to wear hijab and want to quickly get ready for school, university, or just to go outside to hang out with friends. Instant hijab is a great solution for those who are mostly always in a hurry. We understand how time is very important for everyone which is why we have included this instant hijab in the list here. It comes in free size as they are made of stretchable fabric such as viscose jersey.

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Al-Amira Hijab

It is one of the instant hijab variants that come in two pieces—Inner cap and outer cap. The inner cap is referred to as bonnet under scarf. It acts like a headband that fixes on your head easily as the fabric is elasticated and stretchable. The outer cap is also worn from the top of the head which easily fits around your face and flows down to cover your upper body i.e., the hair at the back, neck, shoulders, etc. The best part of these hijabs is that they do not require special care. You can use it as your everyday hijab to instantly get ready and to step out without compromising on modesty.


Sports Hijab

Just like instant hijab, sports hijab is trendy too due to the ease of wearing a hijab. Gone are those days when women used to stay indoors and do house chores. Today they step out to take part in all sort of activities which includes sports too. It keeps them fit and gives them equal opportunity. Sports hijab has been made keeping the same comfort and aspirations in mind. If you like to play sports, you would know the trouble you have to go through to keep your ordinary hijab fixed. Sports hijab are made of stretchable fabric and have a cap-like style to quickly wear it and letting go of the worry about fixing it repeatedly while playing. This type of hijab just fastens around your head and face comfortably. You don’t usually need to clip or pin them which you have otherwise when you wear other types of hijabs during sports activity.

Fancy Hijab


Fancy Hijab

Humans are social beings and every now and then we are required to attend parties and events. It is important to be in these social gatherings be it with friends or family. These types of occasions or even when you are going out for casual dinner require you to style up specially to look different than every other day. You pick one of your favorite dresses like abaya but what about hijab? Definitely, you wouldn’t want to use your regular hijab. Fancy hijabs are made keeping your needs in mind and different levels of dressing and styling you may require. They are available in prints, patterns, while others might be simply embellished with beads, threads, net border, etc. A huge range of this type of fancy hijab is draped loosely or tightly to express different styles. Find one that best suits your style and you will be bubbly to go.

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Bridal Hijab


Bridal Hijab

Bridal hijabs are unique as they are mostly designer hijabs altered to suit your dress and accessories you will be using in your bridal getup. You can have it customized and embellished the way you want. Mostly accessories like special clips and brooches are also used, or it may just have a crown-like ornamental decoration on the head. These hijabs require special attention while draping them and even safe-keeping them. Beads, stones, and other decorative elements are handcrafted on bridal hijabs. Highly trained and experienced designers make these types of bridal hijabs which make you look extraordinary and stunning as a bride on your wedding day.

Prayer Hijab


Prayer Hijab

We all have our respective faith in our cultures and beliefs. Offering prayers is part of our devotion to Allah and God. A true believer prays and follows the path. Modesty is strictly viewed during occasions like when you are dressing up to offer your prayer. Prayer hijab ensures that modesty as they are longer in size and usually fall below your chest to cover you properly. They are usually made in thicker fabric which helps in maintaining your modesty. It ensures your comfort while you can move freely and be at ease all the time while offering prayer. Not having to think about fixing your hijab when offering prayer is what you want, don’t you? Go for these special hijabs made for you to wear for prayers.

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Traditional Hijab


Traditional Hijab

Black color hijabs are very common and you may have seen it already. They are not decorated and are simple in black color. This is the most common hijab you can find women wearing. Hijab dates back hundreds of years and black color is symbolic of this tradition of wearing a hijab. If you keep a more traditional and sentimental connection with this outfit, we suggest you go for these traditional hijabs. They are made for all occasions as can go out shopping, work, and even attend prayers wearing a black hijab. You might need to buy a headband based on the type of fabric and style so we recommend keeping that in mind. When you are draping a black hijab, wrap it in a flowy and layered style. It will cover you aptly and even give a stylish look.


It is one of the popular variants of the hijab and the longest too. It is worn from above the head and flows down below up to the waistline. It doesn’t require draping but rather worn as you would wear a cap. Some of the variants are styled to let you convert it into a niqab as well. This can be simply done by lifting the fabric from below the chin up to the nose so that only eyes are visible. It may or may not come with sleeves but they are all designed to cover your shoulders along with your hands. You can pick the plane ones for prayers but it is available even in fancy variants. Khimar is a unique hijab that may not be commonly available in every other store.

All of these hijabs are made from high-quality fabrics like crepe, kashibo, nida, rayon, net, georgette, jersey, etc. Depending upon the style fabrics are picked by the designers. If they need to make style it for special occasions, they might use net fabric and decorate it with embellishments. If you are a hijabi woman, you must be aware that keeping multiples of these hijab options in your collection is a wonderful idea. You can match it up with different dresses as they come in all shades and colors. In the end, we will recommend you to watch some free videos to understand how you can drape these hijabs differently for a different look every time.

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◾How is a Rectangular Hijab different?

A Rectangular Hijab is longer and narrower than a Square Hijab. It allows for multiple layers and wraps around the head, often giving a more covered and stylish look.

◾What is an Instant Hijab?

An Instant Hijab is easy to wear and requires no special draping. It is worn like a cap and is perfect for young girls or women who need to get ready quickly.

◾What is unique about an Al-Amira Hijab?

An Al-Amira Hijab comes in two pieces: an inner cap (bonnet) and an outer cap. It is easy to wear and requires no special care, making it ideal for everyday use.

◾What is a Sports Hijab?

A Sports Hijab is designed for active women. It is made from stretchable fabric and is worn like a cap, ensuring it stays in place during physical activities without the need for pins or clips.

◾What makes a Fancy Hijab special?

Fancy Hijabs are designed for special occasions. They come in various prints, patterns, and embellishments, allowing women to dress up stylishly for parties and events.

◾What is a Bridal Hijab?

A Bridal Hijab is a customized, designer hijab that complements a bride's wedding dress. It often features decorative elements like beads, stones, and special clips.

◾What is a Prayer Hijab?

A Prayer Hijab is longer and usually made from thicker fabric to ensure modesty during prayers. It falls below the chest and provides full coverage, allowing comfort and ease of movement.

◾What is a Traditional Hijab?

A Traditional Hijab is typically black and simple, reflecting the historical practice of wearing hijabs. It is versatile and can be worn for various occasions, including daily wear and prayers.

◾What is a Khimar?

A Khimar is a long hijab that flows from the head down to the waist. It can be worn like a cap and sometimes converted into a niqab to cover the face, leaving only the eyes visible.

◾What fabrics are Hijabs made from?

Hijabs are made from various high-quality fabrics such as crepe, kashibo, nida, rayon, net, georgette, and jersey. The choice of fabric depends on the style and occasion.

◾How can I learn to drape Hijabs differently?

There are many online videos available that demonstrate different ways to drape hijabs. Watching these can help you explore various styles and find new looks for different occasions.


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