19 Muslim Fashion Bloggers/Vloggers You Should Follow in 2021

Fashion is a very widely discussed topic because everyone has their own preferences and choices in terms of defining the style-statement which they can call fashion!

Often, we come across people who we find to have a great dressing sense and fashion style. Their clothing and how they match not just complementing colors but also accessories.

We conducted a little bit of research to find out people like you who are making an impact by sharing their Islamic fashion ideas. We shortlisted such fashion bloggers whose sense of Muslim fashion clothing is being widely appreciated by their followers. 

Amena Khan

 Amena (@amenakhan)She’s a wife and a Mom along with being a British social-media influencer. Amena has a beautiful website called Pearl Daisy. The website itself promotes comfortable outfits. All outfits are custom made keeping modesty in the center of the design. She has shared some great tips in her videos on youtube which is about new hijab styles and scarf style. Amena also has a verified Instagram account that has a large 655K followers base and a youtube channel with 410k subscribers. Her followers love her new and modest fashion style clothing. She shares her unique ideas that will inspire and guide you to adorn the Islamic fashion outfits with pride. She is very active on Instagram.

Hana Tajima

 Hana Tajima (@hntaj) is a UK based fashion designer and blogger. Her ideas of fashion and fabric have both been appreciated by a large audience across the globe. She has launched many of her unique collections in collaboration with UNIQLO for every season. Traditional and modest wear stylish outfits like hijab, abaya, skirts, trousers and other long dresses are some of her specialties. Visit her website or see her Instagram page, both of them are filled with fashion tips that you will love to learn and implement to elevate your own style.

Dina Tokio

 Dina Tokio (@dinatokio) hails from the UK too and has 807K subscribers on youtube and staggering 1.3 million followers on her Instagram page. There you can get to see her fashion recommendations, outfit reviews, styling ideas, trending Islamic fashion dresses that she likes to adorn and in general her lifestyle.  She has a niche blog on Hijab (HijabTrendz) and she is one of the fashion and style bloggers who caught our attention.

Leena Snoubar

 Leena (@withloveleena) is a Muslim American/Palestinian woman living in Texas. She is a fashion blogger as well as a Youtuber who loves to share her fashion inspiration and beauty tips. If you are looking forward to revamping your modest beauty statement, she is the one you can follow. She owns a website and her fan page has got 866K followers on Instagram which is mostly about fashion and beauty.

Habiba Da Silva

 Habiba Da Silva (@lifelongpercussion) is a 25-year-old girl and an influencer on Instagram with over 886K followers. Her Instagram timeline is filled with pictures of her modest fashion. She has become an inspiration for many as she flaunts her exclusive style without compromising on the modesty. Thousands of followers interact with her posts as she shares her beauty and dressing tips.

Heba Jalloul

 If you have a notion that you can’t style your Islamic fashion much then you are wrong. Heba (@heba_jay) is a fashion and lifestyle blogger and you will be stunned looking at her styling mantra. She wears modest clothes Hijab, Skirt, Trousers, and other long dresses are part of her everyday outfits. She also shares everyday makeup and beauty tips and tutorials that will certainly make you take a better approach in styling your looks.

Mariah Idrissi

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 Mariah Idrissi (@mariahidrissi) is a model and also a creative consultant. She is an Instagram influencer and has got a verified account with 90K+ followers. She has several posts about her fashion and Hijab styles that she loves to carry along in her everyday life. If you are looking for an inspiration for styling yourself with Islamic outfits, check her Instagram posts.

Chinutay A.

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 Chinutay A. (@chinutay) makes some amazing tutorials on makeup, Hijab styles, and fashion in general. She is a mother and hails from London and Canada.  We looked into her video content on youtube where she has got 368K followers. She is full of ideas about how to dress and do makeups and that’s what she shares in her videos and in through her posts on Instagram to the large audience.

Omaya Zein

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 Omaya Zein (@omayazein) is a YouTuber with 345K subscribers and an Instagram influencer with 649K followers. She posts a new video every Friday and mostly they are about fashion, travel or lifestyle. In her latest video series, she has covered ways to tie turban while other tutorials are related to hijab and makeup. Her large follower base clearly indicates the value she delivers through her tutorials. She has inspired styles for many fashionistas.

Dian Pelangi

 Dian Pelangi (@dianpelangi) is a brand owner, brand ambassador, and a social media influencer with 5M followers. She has been listed in Forbes under 30. She is a fashionista and her Instagram timeline has endless pictures of her promoting brands and her stunning fashion outfits. You can find pictures that will inspire you to dive into styling your Islamic fashion outfits more than ever.

Basma Kahie

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Basma Kahie (@basma_k) is another social-media influencer in our list who is based out of London, England. She is a mother and a perfect style inspiration who will keep your confidence boosted in all outfits and fashion mantras that she recommends through her posts on Instagram. Basma has got 422K followers and her tips get a high level of engagement there.

Imane Asry

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Imane Asry (@fashionwithfaith) owns an Instagram page named FashionWithFaith where she has got over 156K followers. Imane is based out of Stockholm and she has a sharp eye on the latest Islamic fashion trends. You can learn what to shop that is trending and will keep your modesty intact.  You can also learn tips on how to wear your outfits and how to confidently carry all shades of your personality.

Ruba Zai

 Ruba Zai (@hijabhills) runs an Instagram page by the name hijabhills while she is also a video blogger on youtube. She has got 1.1m followers on Instagram and 416K subscribers on youtube. As per her channel description and the videos, she loves to share advice on beauty and fashion. Ruba is a mother and also a social media influencer, she has gained a marvelous response from her followers. They praise her for the dressing and beauty tips she has to share.

Yasemin Kanar

 Yasemin Kanar (@yazthespaz89) is a businesswoman who runs an online store while managing her YazTheSpaz page on Instagram. She has got 266K followers where she shares her inspiring hijab ideas as she believes in having a variety of styles for everyday needs. She is a wife and a mother of two and she lives in Flordia. Her fashion ideas are smashing as you can see it yourself in her Instagram feed.

Nour Kaiss


Nour Kaiss (@nourka92) is a mother and also an entrepreneur living in Canada. Besides having 306K followers on Instagram she is also a video blogger. Her youtube is full of videos about Makeup shopping, how to wear various outfits. Hijab tutorials, etc. While her Instagram is filled with pictures of her makeup tips, style ideas, and others. Nour owns her own brand called NOURKA which sells premium fashion apparel and scarves.

Summer Albarcha

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 Summer Albarcha (@summeralbarcha)is an Instagram influencer and a hijab fashion blogger who started back in 2012 for the teenagers in St. Louis. She has grown up to gain international acknowledgment for her work as she is now an icon for many of her followers. She shares an outfit of the day, and other fashion tips regularly with her 541K. She likes to be part of the fashion weeks happening around the globe to keep her updated in every trend.



Sebinaah Hussain (@sebinaah)s a social media consultant apart from being a fashion blogger who has influenced as many as 435K followers on her Instagram. She is a mom and calls herself a beauty junkie as well as a skincare geek for her fantastic beauty tips. Sebinaah is also a YouTuber where she shares fashion tips through her videos. You can find videos like ways to style your hijab and what modest outfits to choose that will make you look gorgeous.

Eileen Lahi

 Eileen Lahi (@eslimah)is a travel and fashion blogger who is from Qatar. She has won Grazia Qatar influencer of the year 2018 award. She has 328K followers on Instagram. She is a wife and soon to be a blessed mother. Her timeline clearly shows how she can carry her hijab fashion outfits in all aspects of life like whether you are traveling, shopping, working or just having fun. You can learn her hijab story through her videos and how she likes to carry this beautiful Islamic fashion outfits with pride.

Hanyeh Khoshnevisan

 Hanyeh Khoshnevisan (@hanihulu) is a believer! She believes in Islam and advocates for the modest outfits. Her Instagram page has 43.4K followers and her own website is full of fashion blogs. She is an accountant by day and a blogger by night. Hanyeh reviews fashion apparel which can easily guide you on what to wear in order to keep your fashion statement up-to-date and not stereotype.

These fashion bloggers share a lot to portray their strong sense of identity created through fashion and beauty expertise. They share the same expertise through their pics and videos. If you are a fashionista who values the importance of appearance, this list should help you land on their profiles and be a fashionista yourself.


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