Full-Proof Guide to buy Hijab Online in 2021

Hijab is popular even for those who might not recognize it but have definitely heard it. It is most popular in parts of the world that practices Islamic. You might have already started wondering why we mentioned Islam? As per Islamic principles for those who believe, a Muslim woman must cover their head, neck, and hair. Therefore, Hijab is a type of veil used by women to cover themselves. If we take out the religious aspect, the modern hijabs offered online by popular websites like mybatua.com are pretty intriguing for even a non-Muslim fashionista.

As humans we have enduring faith in our culture, wearing Hijab for Muslim women is a representation of their unparalleled devotion in the commandments of God. But you will find out that women started to carry it as their status symbol and personal style. You just have to dive a bit into history and observe how Hijab got popular. Today, the choice of outfits in most parts of the world is no more just influenced by culture. It expresses more of your unique fashion, style, modesty, and how you care about your appearance.

Practically Hijab is just a rectangular piece of clothing but, it becomes your style statement when you drape it around your head. And, when you do that with Islamic values in mind, it becomes more than just style and fashion. It starts to reflect your elegance and modesty! How to ensure that your Hijab matches your desire when you are buying it online?

There are just a few things to keep in mind when you are buying Hijab online.

Size references of Hijab

Since women of all ages wear Hijab, it is available in different sizes. Mostly Hijabs are square or rectangular. Knowing how you want to drape it around your head can help you decide whether you want to go for square or rectangular once. Most good websites display the sizes, you must take reference of that.

Types of usage and Hijab styles

Is it an everyday Hijab that you are going to buy? Or, Hijab that you can use for work? Is it for prayer/Hajj or some special occasion like weddings and events? Asking this to yourself should help you land on a better decision.

Instant Hijabs are so easy to carry as you don’t have to drape it rather put it like a cap. It comes in two pieces and available in free sizes which fit all perfectly. Some of its variants are even good for sports activities if you are indulged in one. You will end up saving a lot of time every day if you buy a collection of these modern instant ready to wear hijabs. They are available in all shades and colors to match your style and dress. 

Look for fancy hijabs like floral print hijabs, embroidered or embellished with brocade or net border Hijabs. There is a huge range of Hijabs available for occasions and festivals. They might require just a little effort to handwash and not machine wash in order to maintain their decoration and longevity.

Hijabi women do not just wear Hijab but they also go for prayers often. Hijab for prayer must be decent and modest at the same time. It should be fastened properly to uphold the modesty therefore, go for larger Hijabs and a fabric that is not see-through. You should avoid buying fancy hijabs for prayers.

Which fabric would be suitable?

Designers today use various fabrics to make hijab. The list might include Nida, Kashibo, Rayon, Georgette, Chiffon, Crepe, Viscose, or the most popular cotton. The type of style those hijabs are going to carry influences the choice of fabric. Printed Hijabs or the one in patterns are mostly Georgette. If you want a rich and silk type look, it should be Crepe, Rayon, etc. Most of these fabrics are soft and they keep you comfortable. Go for thicker fabrics if you are buying them for winters whereas lighter fabrics for summers.

Headbands, brooches, and Hijab clips

A matching Hijab band is a must for all types of styles except for instant ones. You will be required to either buy it separately or you might get it along with the Hijab. Bands are necessary because they help you to fasten your hijab effortlessly around the head. You can always match the colors of headbands based on the shade of your Hijab. As Hijab needs to be fastened, brooches and clips are a must too. A designer brooch for your hijab can make even an ordinary hijab made for events. We recommend you keeping multiples of these bands, clips, and brooches if you want your style quotient to be unmatched. You can always pair them differently to achieve a new style.

There are just a few precautions to keep in mind when buying Hijab and draping them to cover your head. If you are a first-timer learn a few ways to drape it. You can watch youtube videos to see different ways of draping Hijabs and how they totally can change your style. Most of those ideas involve around keeping modesty intact. Therefore, your Hijab should be appropriate in size for specific ways of styling. See how to choose perfect hijab for every occasion.

Like numerous other Islamic fashion outfits in trend, modern Hijabs too have been in demand for a while. Besides culture and fashion, there’s one more reason why women today use Hijab. As per experts, pollution, harmful sun rays, and other elements present in the environment around us impact our skin, hair, and beauty. Covering yourself using Hijab can protect you from most of those harmful impacts. So, why not care about your beauty and charm a little more?

At last, and before you make that final hit to purchase. Check the website policies to know whether they have an exchange or return policy or not. You know just as an extra layer of security. We don’t mean to afraid you as you must know that top Islamic fashion shopping websites like mybauta.com which has an extensive range of Hijabs to buy offer friendly policies and outstanding customer support.


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