How to Choose a perfect Hijab for Every Occasion

Hijab fashion in 2020 has got an uplift at mybatua that’s why this article is going to help you choose perfect Hijab for every occasion. Modesty and the principles defined under Islamic religion expresses your deep-rooted faith in it. Hijab is a scarf like important apparel of Islamic fashion. It is deemed as an important aspect of traditional Islamic women's attire. Women of all ages wear it to cover their head and neck with it. 

As it is widely used, it comes in a wide range of options too. It may be long or small, rectangular, square or narrow, stitched in crepe, kashibo, Nida, rayon, georgette, or net. There are endless hijab styles and variants. Instant Hijabs are perfect for you if you are starting or if you have a busy schedule with a clock on the run. If you are a seasoned Hijabi then go for a net hijab with clips and brooches. There are sports ones available too. Hijab is available for women of all ages. Wouldn’t you want a signature style for yourself? Keep reading to find how you can pick the perfect ones!

Since they are available in a myriad of options to choose from, we will list some of the trendiest options that raise the bar of elegance and unmatched style.

Embellished, Embroidered and Net Hijab

Embellished Hijab


Going for a casual dinner party? Have a meet-up scheduled? An event to go to? Or, a wedding to attend?

Light to heavy work done on these Embroidered Hijabs makes them best suited for most of the special occasions which everyone likes to take part in. Net work on the borders, or completely made up of net fabric in polyester, they are stunning to drape as they make you look gorgeous. These intricately embellished hijabs put you in limelight during special occasions.

You must have embroidered Hijabs in your collection. This will ensure that you have something for all special events. 


Fancy Hijab

Fancy Hijab

As the name suggests, they are fancy yet modest. Fancy Hijabs come in a myriad of prints and patterns in various colors. Plain Hijabs are traditional and easily available but these fancy Hijabs add colors to your life and everyday fashion. You can wear fancy hijab to work, or for everyday casual outings like for shopping, meetups. etc. We recommend you buying multiples of these. So, you never run out of options to match the ongoing Hijab trends.

Hijab for Hajj & Prayer

Hijab for Hajj and prayers are made with special care. Its fabric is carefully selected to cover you properly. They are not transparent or made with fabric like a net. The fabric used in Hijab for prayers is thick yet smooth. Thereby, making you feel comfortable. They come in decent colors like white. Offering regular prayers are a must for those who believe and being a Muslim woman, you need to have decent Hijabs for prayers too.

Everyday Hijab

Our busy lives need some convenience here and there as we rush through our lives. Everyday Hijabs available at includes instant Hijabs and others. We are mentioning instant Hijabs because they are quick, easy, and most of all convenient for all. Available in free sizes for all, this type of Hijab doesn’t require special care and attention. They are easy to maintain and an optimum choice for regular use. They are fancy as well as modest too.

Hijab Bands, Brooches, Clips, and Cap

When we are talking about buying Hijab, we must discuss how you can add spark and shine to your regular Hijab. You can buy Hijab Bands separately and some stores supply them along with the Hijab. Yet, we recommend you to buy Bands in different colors as you can experiment to match them up with different shades. Try matching golden band with black Hijab, the red band would also go on with black. Think of numerous color combinations and you have different styles ready for you using the same Hijabs. Some headbands are embellished along the border with beads and patterns for a special look. These not only look elegant but also add up to your grace. 

Fastening the Hijab around your head in a way that you feel comfortable moving all day long requires you to use clips. You need to have them with you and even sometimes extra in your purse. Buy and keep these in multiples with you as you will need them often. Brooches on the other hand can make your ordinary-looking Hijab—extraordinary. Brooches are generally considered to provide a royal look. Their rich intricate designs have the aura to highlight your appearance in an elegant way.  There are cool and fancy hijab brooches available. They don’t just help you fastened your hijab safely but also help you ramp up your Hijab style. 

Hijab caps are handy and useful when you are in a hurry to go out. Even when you have to suddenly step out for a few minutes out of the house. These caps come handy to rescue you. You need not spend time in setting or wrapping the hijab around you.  They are also available in free sizes and countless colors. 

Your wardrobe should have a collection of Hijab in different shades. Most importantly, some basic colors which will suit-up and match with most of your abayas or dresses. Those colors would likely be black, white, peach, shades of magenta and pink, as well as others. You segregate your collection based on occasions or events. Like, a neat plain of decent prints for office wears but at the same time keeping some fancied embellished hijabs for parties or festivals. Having a suitable varied collection completes your wardrobe as you need not spend time thinking about what could be the best Hijab for today. 

Once you have ordered Hijab, the next thing you must do is style them with elegance. There are numerous ways you can drape Hijab. Look through some videos on youtube to learn those ways. The same hijab can make you look different when styled other than the conventional method. Won’t you want to do that?

Tell us which is your favorite way to drape Hijab!


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