Tips to Choose a Right Abaya Dress for Winter

Winter has come knocking on our doors asking us to pack abayas that we wear in summers. In other words, it is time to pull out your warm clothes along with winter abaya dresses and give them the space on your hangers. Keeping this in mind, we have together a few tips for you to choose the right abaya dress for winter.

Although season change happens regularly yet it leaves us confused wondering what to wear. Doesn’t it happen with you too? As we want to keep ourselves up-to-date fashionably, every season requires its own set of clothes. Winter especially, because just one layer of clothing is not enough. Our tips cover the abaya fashion ideas for winters so that you are all decked up for the season.

Perfect abayas for your winter avatar

While there was a time when abaya was traditionally available just in black and merely had options to choose from. Today, there’s a range of abayas available in stores in different variants. This might as well leave you confused because the more options you have, the more confused you may be. Winter season requires us to keep ourselves warm and sizzling but it doesn’t mean you should drape yourself in layers of clothing. Why not pick abayas that will keep you warm!? So, let’s see which abayas are perfect for the winter season.

Coat Abaya

Unlike other abayas, coat abayas are specially made for winters which will keep you warm and cozy. As the name suggests it comes in front-open style with a button enclosure. They have a coat collar neckline under which you can easily tuck-in your hijab. This will keep you packed thereby, keep you warm.

Coat abayas are long abayas but you don’t have to worry. We know long abayas specially made in thick fabric can make it difficult to walk. A good designer or Islamic clothing brand always keeps your concerns and convenience their priority, so does mybatua. Coat abayas available at mybatua stores usually have a little slit at the center back making them comfortable while you wear and walk.

Gadgets are part of everybody’s life. It is difficult to carry them without pockets. Just imagine, it is chilling outside, and you have pockets in your abaya! What can you do with it? Keep your hands warm. Yes, don’t let your fingers freeze outside even if you are not wearing gloves. Keep them in the pocket and also your gadgets like mobile. Isn’t it convenient? You get flap or zipper side pockets in most of the coat abayas styles. Keep yourself warmer and without the hassle of carrying your mobile or accessories in your purse or handbag.

If you haven’t got a coat abaya in your wardrobe then you are missing one of the best winter outfits of Islamic fashion for women. As Muslim women like to wear abaya every day, keeping coat abaya in your collection is always useful. You can wear coat abayas to formal work meetings to adding up to the benefits.

Denim Abayas & Jilbab

Denim Abayas have recently gained so much of popularity because it uses denim fabric. As denim fabrics are rough and tough, so are the abayas made in denim fabric. Go wearing them outside for a trendy look. Denim abayas come in a front open style with a button enclosure. It may have a front open placket to style it up.

These abayas are thick and help you keep warm. It is best suitable when you have loads of chores or errands to run as the material is not too rigid to be stiff, unlike the winter coats. Denim abayas are available in varied shades and styles to match your taste and look. Pair it up with boots or high heels along with a suitable muffler or winter cap and you are good to go.

Kaftans or Poncho Abayas

Tired of wearing open styled abayas for winter wear? Do not worry as the bohemian styled Poncho abayas are here for your frenzied style swings. Poncho abayas and kaftans are available in varied materials, cuts, and designs. We suggest you pick up the one made up of wool as it helps you keep warm during the harsh winters. This is an amazing outfit for a cozy day in or out, be it watching a movie under your comforter or having a pleasant evening dining out. This abaya has an elegant touch and makes your look classy. Pair it up with strappy sandals or heeled boots along with a boxed handbag to highlight your look. Poncho abayas help you feel comfortable especially for those who do not like stiff clothing or the clothing which makes them feel like they are wrapped in a thick layer.

Style up for winter with other options

If you want your style quotient to be different during winter other than the above-mentioned tips, reverse your layer of apparel. Generally, for thick warm winter abayas, you might prefer something light weighted apparel underneath, something which is not winter wear or thermal wear. So just do the opposite. Wear a sweatshirt or a turtlenecked sweater along with suitable bottoms of your choice and drape it up with a poncho or hoodie abayas. You can also pair it up with open abayas of your choice which are all made up of nylon, Nida, or jersey material. This ensures to keep you warm and also adds on to the comfort. This will help you only when you choose to wear something warm and thick underneath. You can pair your abayas on your thermal wear along with totes or slings, pair it up with shades and a matching hijab to complete your look. This style not just helps you look sassy but also keeps your modesty intact as winter wears generally covers your curves effortlessly.

There are varied choices to style up for this winter. But ensure to keep yourself warm and comfortable as you don’t want the winter breeze to make you fall sick. Choose the right pattern to wear your abayas and you are all set up for the day. Check some of the recent styles for winter abayas like coat abaya, hoodie abaya, jilbabs, denim abayas on to make this winter warmer than all before.


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