5 Abaya Fashion Trends Fashionistas are Upgrading Their Wardrobe with

The heavy black cloak type abayas are culturally popular in the middle east as well as in other parts of the world. However, designers have innovated and tweaked them for the contemporary world.

Top luxury fashion brands like Dolce and Gabbana etc. are creating a stunning collection of Abayas like dresses. The trend of wearing abayas seems to be rising more than ever. More and more women across the globe are opting for this signature dress representing modesty and comfort at the peak.

Its contemporary adaptation has evolved aggressively over other western wear which is why this story covers top trending fashionable abayas which sales have spiked over a few months. Why? Keep reading to find the answers below:


Umbrella Abayas - Comfortable to move

Umbrella Abaya

Umbrella Abayas are known for their flowy and flared fit and look which comes in various range for everyday wear, parties, casuals and even as work dresses. Designers have interpreted the design through different artistry and perspective styles. The bottom of the dress gets wider as it flows down from the waist and hence the name “umbrella abaya”. The extra comfort in this outfit allows women to move easily thanks to its unique cut and design. You can go for outings, shopping, hangouts, and even meetings. Which is why its variants are getting popular among the fashionistas across the globe.

You can choose one with v-neck collar, round-neck, or front open buttoned collar, etc. It further has variants in sleeves too like bell sleeves, straight sleeves and so on. It is a popular attire, women today wear with pride as embellishments, prints, and embroidery around the neck, or on sleeves totally rejuvenates the style of the dress.

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Umbrella Abayas stitched in all sorts of popular high-quality fabrics, colors, and sizes are available online to buy, thanks to mybatua.com for its unending supply of Islamic fashion outfits. 


Embroidered Abayas - for Eid & Occasions, also for regular wear

Embroidered Abaya

Pretty—is a common compliment you would get hear wearing embroidered abaya. The craftsmanship of embroidering the details is an absolute art if you see them closely. It can be on sleeves, around the neck, shoulders, on the front top or maybe abstractly placed anywhere on the outfit to obtain the unique look embroidered abayas has to offer.

Are you getting ready for a party or have any festival coming up? Do you want to borrow an extra charm for Eid or any other specific occasion? The huge range of Embroidered Abayas is what you should probably be looking into!

Let’s accept the fact, being social means, you should be attending parties while you cannot say no to special occasion invites. You are often supposed to attend them. On the other hand, festivals like Eid demands a revamp in your style and abayas are like an everyday dress for many modest outfit lovers. Is your wardrobe ready for all the variants of abayas that you would need?

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Embroidered Abayas are stitched with love as it reflects the art of actually designing a dress with heart. This is one of the reasons why it wins the hearts of women who have that unique eyes and taste towards grabbing these fashionable embroidered abayas with pride. They come in all shapes and sizes and with uncountable trending cuts, flares, and embellishments that you will never be bored of wearing some of the lightly worked out outfits even as regular wears.


Bell Sleeves Abayas- for Wudu

Abayas today have almost a countless variant but one that fulfills your needs most of the time is what you need. It should be of course comfortable to wear, allows free movement, and also keeps you breathing.

We need that kind of dress the most when we are going for a prayer. During prayer, we need to sit and bend so much that while doing so, the dress keeps up to its modesty. But, before even beginning to pray to perform wudu/wudhu is mandatory. How do you do that wearing abaya with straight sleeves?

“I have to take off my abaya to perform wudu,” says one of the threads online on a popular web forum. It is a very time taking process. As a matter of fact, wudu requires you to clean and wash upto your elbows besides cleaning your feet, face, etc. It is not possible to roll up the sleeves of abayas usually because they have straight sleeves. It fits so well as we want that to however, this fitting doesn’t allow rolling up the sleeves in order to clean your hands up to elbows.

Prayer is something that you do every day and keeping that in mind, women like to buy abayas with bell sleeves. It just makes the whole thing so convenient, abayas with bell sleeves can be effortlessly pulled up to wash hands when you are going to pray. If you want convenience, bell sleeves abayas are the dresses you need when you are going prayer.


Floral Print Abayas

Floral Print Abaya

Prints are in! They have been representing contemporary fashion style and are demanded by the youngsters and women of almost all ages including those who work. There are many reasons why floral print abayas are popular, one obvious reason is the beauty and style these abayas have to offer.

The abstractly placed floral prints could be on the bottom front, on the sleeves, around the neck, on shoulders, around the waist, on the front top, etc. They are so eye-catching yet moderately fashionable. They are easy to wear every day as they don’t require special care and attention except possibly when you want to iron them.

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They come stitched with myriads of cuts and designs in high-quality fabrics. Some even come with options like belt and utility pockets to blend with western fashion without losing the actual heritage of the dress. They offer you the freedom of looking different than usual for days when you want to look extra marvelous.


Kaftan Style Abayas - worn with sleeves to cover

Kaftans are no more just a representation of cultural or religious belief of modest outfits. It has grown essentially over other western fashionable dresses even in the countries which are not its birthplace. This loose tunic is designed with extra fabric around the shoulder and arms to give a flap-like butterfly or batwing.

Kaftans can be worn as the main dress or something to wear over the main dress however Kaftan Abayas are simply just so easy to slip in, it makes you instantly ready to go out. The outfit itself doesn’t require so much care. Just add a matching hijab and hand stocking (sleeves) along kaftan abayas to complete the attire. The free type of style keeps you breathing especially in summers and humid climate conditions.

You can not afford to not have this if you often attend parties, weddings, or simply go to evening dinner. This dress doesn’t require your conscious attention while you enjoy being yourself. You will not have to check your dress repeatedly to see if everything is alright, it covers your body fluently.

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These five abaya types are usually stitched in crepe, silk, cotton, georgette, nida, and other rich fabric. Go buy any as per your comfort and choice to upgrade your wardrobe. These abayas are not going out of fashion any time soon as they are trending to stay in fashion to beat the usual western dresses. They offer extreme comfort and modesty along with fashion. The roots of these dresses are embedded deeply in Islamic values but at the same time, they are shining through modern fashion and being loved by millions of women around the world.

If you are confused or probably don’t know how to buy the best abayas online or get a deal on one. Check our previous article on Abaya Buying Guide Online. You should be able to pick up the right size & shape without failure.


How to look classy in an abaya?

A: To look classy in an abaya, consider the following tips:

▪️ Choose Quality Fabrics: Opt for high-quality materials like silk, satin, or fine cotton.
▪️ Tailored Fit: Ensure the abaya is well-fitted and tailored to your body shape.
▪️ Minimalist Design: Select abayas with elegant, minimalist designs or subtle embellishments.
▪️ Accessorize Smartly: Pair your abaya with tasteful accessories such as a statement belt, a stylish handbag, or chic shoes.
▪️ Maintain Grooming: Keep your hair and makeup neat and sophisticated to complement the elegance of the abaya.

2. Why do you wear abaya?

A: The reasons for wearing an abaya can vary:

▪️ Modesty: Many wear the abaya to adhere to Islamic principles of modesty.
▪️ Cultural Tradition: It is a traditional garment in many Muslim-majority countries, representing cultural heritage.
▪️ Social Norms: In certain regions, wearing an abaya is a societal norm.
▪️ Personal Preference: Some may choose to wear an abaya for personal comfort, style, or as a fashion statement.

3. What is an abaya and its aesthetic fashion role in Saudi Arabia?

A: An abaya is a long, flowing cloak worn by many Muslim women. In Saudi Arabia, the abaya serves both as a symbol of modesty and as a fashion statement. While traditionally black, abayas in Saudi Arabia now come in various styles, colors, and designs, reflecting the wearer's personal taste and fashion sense. The evolution of abaya fashion in Saudi Arabia highlights a blend of traditional values and modern aesthetics.

4. Which color is best for an abaya?

A: The best color for an abaya depends on personal preference and the occasion:

▪️ Black: Classic, timeless, and versatile, black is the most traditional and widely accepted color.
▪️ Neutral Tones: Colors like beige, grey, and navy offer a sophisticated and modern look.
▪️ Pastels: Soft pastel colors can be perfect for a subtle, feminine touch.
▪️ Bold Colors: For a more fashion-forward approach, bold colors such as emerald green, royal blue, or deep red can make a statement.
▪️ Seasonal Variations: Lighter colors are often preferred in warmer seasons, while darker shades are suitable for cooler weather.



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