Five ways to wear an Islamic Abaya for the Elegant You

Traditions have been nurtured; values have been established but with time there are many aspects in our lives that change. One such prominent change is present in the apparel industry where the clothing trends go in the loop with the continuous addition of varied style statements. The traditional abayas are one such kind, where it not just preserves the rich culture and values to protect women’s modesty but also adds on the style quotient to match up the upcoming fashion tastes. Islamic abayas are the prominent clothing tradition for many women belonging to the religion, and also certain middle east countries.

With modern lifestyle being upgraded timely, you might often wonder how you can style up with a simple plain abaya. Many find it difficult at times to dress up in the classic style just with an abaya. We bring you a few style statements and suggestions on how to dress up with your abaya to make up your mood and style for the day. We bring you the 5 ways to wear your abaya to lift the monotonous mood.

Type 1: Classic chic look

Classic Chic Look

This look is pretty simple to wear and we guess the most you, elegant ladies might be having some classy accessories and belts in your closet. So, why store them up when you can adorn them to bring in a classy chic look on you. A common draped black abaya is most common in your closet. Wear it and strap any of the thin belts around your waist and pull out the abaya a bit to make it a little fluffy around your waist. Match it up with your favorite jacket (sleeveless and embroidered preferably) which is optional. Put on a fancy small sling bag and high heels. You are all set to get for a casual outing, trip, or shopping with your girls in this classy chic look.

Type 2: Casual O

Casual O

Open abayas are one among the common abaya styles present in the wardrobe. If you have an open abaya and are bored of wearing it as it is, then we have a solution to bring you out of your boredom. Grab a pair of modest jeans and a long top, which is of jersey/woolen/t-shirt material. Wear it and match it up with a suitable open abaya and boots. This look will keep you out of the commons and give a classy casual look. Wear it with a suitable handbag, preferably a tote, or an oversized bag to enhance your look. Wear this style of abaya for your casual hangouts, and outings by showing that you are always in par with the upcoming trends.

Type 3: The elegant office look

The elegant office look

You might be tired of choosing what to wear for work or how to redefine your workwear. Do not worry as we got an idea for you. Blazers are prime workwear which you might prefer wearing for special meetings and occasions at work. But why store it just for once in a blue moon days. Grab a closed or half-open abaya which you can zip or button up. On top of your abaya, wear your blazer. Often monochrome combinations are the best as it will suit your look for the workwear mode. Style it up with a hijab matching the color of your abaya and glasses if you have along with pastel or nude shaded accessories and cosmetics. This style is not just elegant but graceful as workwear making you look out of the box. Try these looks on days when you aren’t loaded with work or Friday suits better to cheer your mood up for the weekend too. Match it up with perfect ballerinas or sandals to complete your look.

You might often feel that wearing abayas and stepping out hides out your cool clothes and the collection you have. Why not reverse the look? Our next two suggestions are based on this.

Type 4: The tomboy look

The tomboy look

Casual and formal shirts are once among the wardrobe must-haves which are prominently used for office wear or at home or casual outings. Having a checked shirt is much suitable for this look. Wear your abaya and wear this checked shirt in the form of a jacket on top of your abaya. This gives a casual tomboy look, easy to wear at home, and also for a casual outing.  Pair it up with casual ballets or shoes and a quirky sling or a satchel to complete your look. This look doesn’t overtone your style and is simple yet trendy. Do try it when you are lazy to select your outfit next time.

Type 5: The lazy weekend look

The lazy weekend look

When winters are around the corner, you would love to snuggle into your favorite warm sweatshirt and go cozy coo on the couch. As we mentioned just reverse the style, wear your comfy sweatshirt or sweater on top of a plain abaya. This outfit is simple yet cute and cozy. You will feel warm and would look stylish too. The abaya forms like a long skirt under the sweatshirt making it a perfect match for a lazy weekend. Pair it up with your bedroom slippers if you are at home or with matching shoes when you go out. This look not just makes your look stylish but also protects your modesty as the sweatshirts or the sweaters are itself loose, covering all your curves. Try this look when you are too lazy and cozy and you need a fresh winter look. Match it up with a beanie and a long locket chain to complete your look.

These were the top 5 trendy and elegant ways to wear a single abaya depending on your mood and occasion. They are quick and easy to adorn. All you need to do is have a peekaboo in your wardrobe and rediscover your taste. These styles are in trend, hence you need not require to spend extra to have them. All you need is to pick up your clothes in your wardrobe and make a tiny mix match and voila, a new style statement. Try these different and quirky styles to uplift your mood and comfort with ease.


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    The latest designs of abayas offer something for everyone, from the traditional to the modern. Whether you’re looking for a timeless, classic abaya or a bold, fashion-forward design, there is an abaya available to meet your needs.

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    There is no doubt that abayas has increased dramatically over the last few years, but I only started wearing one last year.

    I absolutely love your collection, and the quality of your service is second to none. I ordered the ‘black embellished jacket’ as soon as it was released, and I am in love with it.

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    type 3, 4, and 5 are so expressive and elegant ways to wear Abaya
    these are informative and good

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