Printed Abaya: A style for all seasons

Miuccia Prada, the head designer of the Italian fashion brand Prada said – Fashion is instant language. You will agree to it because what you wear is what you are and what you want to convey to the world. Islamic fashion is all about modesty and grace, Ms. Prada’s philosophy is truly applicable to this traditional, yet modern fashion statement followed by the Muslim women across the world. We are clearly indicating towards Abayas and its stunning variants including printed abaya.

Where most of the world is chasing fashionable outfits like jeans, joggers, tops, and other dresses, Islamic fashion has just a few outfits. Burqa, Niqab, Kaftan, and obviously Abaya are just a few, yet they line-up among popular outfits of the world. As much as the religion itself is old, these traditional dresses are old too. Their roots can be traced back to centuries when outfits mostly served the basic purpose of covering the body modestly. Even today Abayas do the same but how could the Islamic outfits be untouched after years of innovation in the fashion industry. The list of Islamic traditional dresses might be limited but there is a huge range of variations available today. Printed Abayas have won the hearts of many as they are designer outfits and are perfectly in line with modern fashion.

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Printed clothing items, be it bottom wear, top wear, or simply overgarment wear like abaya is the choice of millennials. And, why it should not be? The designs that can be achieved in print is tough or say, are almost impossible to achieve otherwise through usual craftwork. There are advanced machines deployed to do the task effortlessly. However, not every textile or fashion manufacturers can be so fluent in this. Mybatua is one of the fashion brands in Islamic wear that utilizes the modern approach to make these unique printed abayas.  It is a perfect combination of design, craft, ideas, and fabric that they are able to produce these heart-warming attractive dresses.

It starts with picking the right kind of fabric! Crepe, cotton, nida, etc. whichever it may be, they visualize the design, style, and then pick the right printing sequence. Beginning from miniature to large prints, a colorful pattern makes these print abayas first choice for daily or casual wear. Women of all ages love to wear them because they are easy to maintain and a cherry on top they come in a range of styles. Usually, floral prints are mostly in demand, but abstract pattern printed abayas are also trending every now and then. We humans are tuned in a way that we like colors, you may have a different choice when it comes to picking a color to wear but printed abayas are rich and unique in color combinations. Gone are those days, when abayas traditionally used to be just black. The fact is this language of fashion is truly mind-bending for many. It refreshes the minds, not just yours but also of the ones around you. They are catchy and expresses the perfect chemistry of a warm personality. You are always a center of attraction even without wearing any sort of specific jewelry or fashion accessories.

All printed abayas are vibrant in shades as they are specifically designed to make you look gracious and unique. The best part about these printed abayas is that they elevate the definition of modesty since they can conceal your body shape extraordinarily. Hence, following the principles of Islamic wear printed abayas serve their purpose without failure. Embrace these chic style abayas and say goodbye to simple abayas stacked in your wardrobe. The exclusive range of printed abayas on mybatua is ready to help you become more expressive, increase your charm and grace.

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Unlike the heavy craftsmanship on other abayas, printed abayas are lightweight. You can easily wear them in summers, autumns, and even during winters. Go for dark, intricate patterns if you want them to wear in winters while light and bright colors for summers. If you are looking for some change and to bring radiant glow in your personality, mybatua offers these printed abayas in numerous shades just for you. They obviously are mesmerizing, elaborate, sophisticated, and overall a beauty for beauty. Printed abayas can be worn for any occasion however, you must carefully pick-up these designs to suit your need. On the one hand, they can be unmatchable but at the same time weird too. The moody prints if not matched well can break or make your style easily. Therefore, never pair a floral or printed hijab with printed abaya rather pick a plain hijab in matching shade to suit up with printed abaya. If you can match up the right contrast of both, you are absolutely a fashionista.

At mybatua blog, you get a real sense of modern and unique style tips whereas the mybatua store offers the dresses and hijab at one place. Don’t get lost in trying to find the right combinations or outfits, you get them all at mybatua. Medium to small prints is usually suitable for all occasions, however, be careful with large prints unless it is not some fashion week.

What you wear and how you look is an asset as well as your unique expression and language. Use it wisely! Often mybatua offers a great matching combination of hijab with printed abayas to step-up your style. Why wait? There are ongoing offers on printed abayas that you must not miss. Just go to the store section, and head on to the printed abayas category to start surfing the best-printed abayas you can get online.

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Only a few finger taps on the screen and these modern mesmerizing printed abayas get delivered to your doorstep even if you live in the farthest corner of the world. Amidst the ongoing pandemic, most people have shifted their shopping expedition online therefore, mybatua has revamped their store too for you. Mybatua cares for you, your convenience and, your safety. It takes care of safe delivery without any worrisome and tiring shopping experience. Don’t forget to check the measurement size available on the page for the perfect fit.

Discover the elegance of print abaya designs, where tradition meets modern style. Printed abayas offer a delightful array of patterns, from floral to geometric, making each piece unique. Perfect for everyday wear, these abayas blend simplicity with sophistication. Explore printed simple abaya designs that emphasize minimalism while ensuring you stand out. Ideal for casual and formal occasions, printed abayas bring a fresh twist to your wardrobe. Embrace the beauty and versatility of printed abayas for a timeless, fashionable look.

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1. Can non-Muslims wear abayas?

A: Yes, non-Muslims can wear abayas. The abaya is a cultural garment commonly worn in many Muslim-majority countries, but it is not restricted to Muslims. Non-Muslims may choose to wear abayas for various reasons, such as respecting local customs, attending cultural events, or for fashion.

2. Why do Muslims wear black abayas?

A: Muslims wear black abayas for several reasons:

▪️ Tradition: Black has traditionally been a common color for abayas in many cultures.
▪️ Modesty: Black is considered a modest color that does not attract attention.
▪️ Practicality: Black is practical and versatile, suitable for various occasions.
▪️ Uniformity: In some regions, wearing black abayas creates a sense of uniformity among women.

    3. What does the abaya symbolize?

    A: The abaya symbolizes modesty, privacy, and religious adherence in many Muslim cultures. It is worn as an outer garment to cover a woman's body and clothing, reflecting the Islamic principle of modesty. The abaya can also symbolize cultural identity and tradition.

    4. Is it haram to not wear an abaya?

    A: Whether it is haram (forbidden) to not wear an abaya depends on various factors, including interpretation of Islamic teachings, cultural practices, and personal beliefs. In general, Islamic teachings emphasize modesty in dress, but the specific requirement to wear an abaya is not universally mandated. Some Muslim scholars and communities may require it, while others may accept different forms of modest dress.


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    • almaryum On

      An abaya is a traditional and modest outer garment worn by women in many Islamic cultures, particularly in the Middle East and North Africa. It is a loose-fitting, full-length robe that covers the entire body, from the shoulders to the feet.

    • Sarah On

      Thank you, I really appreciate your post. As someone who values modest fashion, it’s refreshing to discover new options to enhance my wardrobe. has been my go-to for stylish and modest clothing.

    • Al Maryum On

      In an effort to blend tradition with contemporary fashion, designers often incorporate modern elements into abayas. For instance, the use of sheer fabrics, such as chiffon or organza, adds a touch of elegance without compromising the modesty of the attire. Modern prints, like geometric patterns or abstract designs, are also being incorporated, giving abayas a fresh and trendy look.

    • Almaryum On

      Designers of abayas are constantly pushing the boundaries of creativity and sophistication. We anticipate seeing a variety of styles, cuts, and colors, as well as interesting embellishments like sequins, beading, and embroidery. There will be something for everyone, no matter what their personal style is.

    • Al Maryum On

      Each and every one of the colors are amazing, and I would love to have them all. There is no reason why you cannot wear them over anything and look beautiful and modest at the same time with them!

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